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01 June 2007

Nominator: [Lothuriel]


'Lheru'nae's Tears'

A moving and emotional piece by our very own [Lerune]! This Star Wars fanart features young Lheru'nae'Skye, a Twi'lek girl stolen from her family and tortured by the Empire because of her Force sensitivity. Those big, soulful eyes only hint at the horrors she has seen and endured, the tears and pouting lip expressing her sadness not only for herself but for the others around her who have suffered as well.

The bold colours and the elegant simplicity of both the palette and the shading enhance the childlike innocence of the character. I just want to pick her up and hug her! Bravo [Lerune]!!

Be sure to check out [Lerune]'s other gorgeous works at teh art of teh Rune!!

-- [Kyrinn], [Rook], [Yuriona] and [Teufelsweib]

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