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Character Race Page

Information about humans as player characters, and cultural distinctions among WFR Stories

A Race of the WFR Char RACE Page
Wiki Fantasy Roleplay and Wiki Fiction Roleplay

Human Personal Characteristics:
  I'm quite sure we are all familiar with this particular 'fantasy' race, but for the sake of being complete, we will consider the facets of being human in a fantasy story or setting.

  Humans are the most adaptable, flexible, and ambitious of the more common humanoid races, and often have a diverse array of tastes, morals, customs and habits. They are often the descendants of pioneers, conquerors, traders, travelers, refugees, and any other who found themselves on the move amidst the lands and realms. Because of this, human lands tend to be a varied mix of people, having many physical, cultural, religious and political differences, often in the same land or area. Other races often accuse humans of a disrespect for history because of their commonly fickle nature, shorter life spans than others (elves, dwarves, gnomes, dragons and more), and because human culture is constantly in flux with little or no cogniscience of previous actions and/or words. They have also been accused by other groups of being wasteful, as well as partaking in acts of almost hedonistic avenues of pleasure, such as food, alcohol, and physical intimacy. They have a notoriety of being highly opinionated (often even without provocation or rationality), overly-agressive, selfish, zealous, power-hungry and some even have a distasteful craving for learning about new and more terrible methods of weapon, disease, torture and trauma-inducing activities to attain their own ends. These traits are often more often found in the less educated, spiritual (though some religions and/or mandate racial prejudice), and violence and emotional trauma in life often causes more in what is commonly referred to as a 'vicious cycle'. When brought out of these cycles (whether in one life or many, as humans have what is called the cycling soul, which grants them reincarnate immortality), humans often have the potential to create large amounts of differences in the world in a short time, using ideas that come quickly and easily to them most often. Skilled and talented individuals abound in the human realms, and notoriety aside, a human can be the best friend a being ever had..... in SOME cases.

  Humans are often between five and six feet (~2m) tall and 100-250 pounds, females being a bit smaller and lighter than males. Often very diverse physical characteristics, even within culture/area. Skin tones ranging from pale to jet black, hair colors from platinum-white blonde to vivid red, auburn brown, to black, with a straight, kinky or curly demeanor. Adult males often have facial hair, from little to full beards. Dress and grooming are as diverse as the people, and humans are often ostentatious and unorthodox in their appearance, with unusual haircuts, fanciful clothes, tattoos, body piercings, and many other physical eccentricities. They have relatively short lifespans, reaching maturity and adulthood by 13-19 and often living less than a single century.

Relations with other Races:
  Humans have just as many mixed relationships with other races as they do to one another. They are diverse in professions and talents, and often make great allies to members of other races and cultures because of their wide array of common skills. Their lands are often in flux, with new ideas, social changes, innovations, and leaders constantly exchanging roles in everyday human lifestyle. Members of longer-lived races can find human culture exciting, but often eventually come to think of it as wearying or bewildering.

Society and Leadership:
  Human personality is mixed, and Alignments are varied by individual on a broad scale. Their leaders are often young even in comparison to other humans and their cultures are organizations commonly adapt and change faster than other races' cultural codes. Individually and as a group, humans are adaptable opportunists, and stay on top of changing political, religious, and worldly views and dynamics. Many human lands include or welcome members of many other non-human races. Others have definitive racial preconceptions and oppositions. Spirituality ranges from the devout to the faithless, and no one deity comprises the human pantheon like dwarves' and elves' worship of their respective deities, Moradin and Corellon Larethian. Sun gods are often the deities of choice, and monotheism is prevalent in many metropolitan areas, while shamanism, pantheonic beliefs and animal/totemic practise is more common in tribal or savage peoples.

Language and Names:
  Language among humans can vary by culture or dialect, but they often speak the Common tongue, and borrow phrases, words and expressions from other languages when they can. They enjoy learning language, and can often learn many languages from other races and lands quite readily. Names vary from Bob to Gerald and Haephaestus, and can be singular names, common and family names, nicknames or aliases, and performers and artists commonly refer to themselves in the most eccentric manner, with titles like Jack the terrible Dinn of Delta and concepts like Spirit and ShadeWolf.

Human Character Traits:

  Humans are Medium-sized for the sake of combat and move-action purposes, which means that they occupy roughly a 5-foot cubic space, with a reach beyond that of around 5 feet, affecting a space about fifteen feet wide in diameter.

  Humans can move approx. 30 feet every move-action round, though in wiki terms, this is up for creative liberties.

  Humans often begin their adult lives with a diverse array of skills and talent(s), and can find their niches in many different classes and ranks. They have no specifically favored class.

Human Races of the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay:

Selenar System and Jashnia:
  - Ganye Plainspeople, a dark-skinned tribal people, who have long trade routes from their plainslands near the center of the continent of Eastonia to the coasts near Stilya, Kiee and Ionnya.

  - the Kieens, a fair-skinned republican people. Many live in densely-populated cities, and most are spiritually inclined toward the views of the Kieen Theocracy, a monotheological view that comprises no singular deity, but a concept of sovereignty and freedom from the bindings and sins of magick and the accursed Fae, who they see as a major social threat and racial enemy. Elves are the most common target of this mostly subdued hatred, and the nation's leaders have most recently sought to purge all elves and their allies from Eastonia's coasts under the banner of a great war.

  - the common Jashnian, a moderately-educated person of varied physical and cultural characteristics, depending upon nationality and individual lineage. Mixed populations of differing humans, half-bloods and traders/missionaries comprise the people of places like Stilya, Delta, New Nematon, the Kingdom of Vraisynn, and Zardonia

  - the dark-skinned tribal people of Tamambla on Tearra Réhm, descendants of the same people that came to populate the Ganye plains. Four distinct tribes comprise the covens of Tamambla.

  - the Ionnyans, a tan-skinned people with mainly Spanish and Italian physical traits, and a cross-cultural land that is reluctantly shared with the surface Drow of the Underdark. Many half-drow and half-elven hybrids also occupy this area, and racial tensions are often high between human and drow in this fragile nation.

  - the oriental nation of Renshunan. Oriental physical and cultural characteristics, and many members of this highly-populated area are highly educated, and/or trained in physical and spiritual methods in the nation's temples and shrines of the Monkhood. Three distinct clans now occupy this stretch of land, the Lung, Shirokuni, and Ataku, and each has its own code of ethics and social structure, and the clans are not always on the best of terms. The southern Kuni have only recently joined sides with the Shiru, the central clan to the north of them, in an effort to promote national peace between the often warring clans, the Ataku and the Lung.

  - the Si'iri people, an arabian-like culture and nation of tan-skinned desert people, whose great warriors, scribes, scholars, and mages equal the ancient Sumerians and Babylonians of our own day. Sharing their borders with the most ruthless and vicious of races, including the serpent people, Nagas and Yuan-Ti, the verminous ratfolk Nezumi, and terribly territorial Scorpionfolk, the Si'iri people have becomes tough, feudal, and to some extent, even sadistic or macabre. Minions of the Yuan-ti Blood Cults often mix and mingle in with common Si'iris, penetrating every level of clergy and government, some human and some mixed with the serpent blood.

  - the Cardinyans, a hearty, Norse/Viking culture, and mainly white-skinned. Cultural dialects and habits differ by regional distinctions, which are often more apparent to the Cardinyans that to anyone else.

Realms of Lemire:
  - The Ambicious Humans of LEMIRE See also Races of Lemire

  - Fantasma Races and THE HUMANS OF FANTASMA -
Atlantean Human Information - Oceanic Dwellers.
- Bonus in Charisma.
- Philosophy Skill.
Ægyptian Human Information - Desert Dwellers.
- Bonus in Mana.
- Heat Resist Skill.
Fellrise Human Information - Forest Dwellers.
- Bonus in Faith.
- Diplomacy Skill.
Hykiotan Human Information - Mountain Dwellers.
- Bonus in Agility.
- Honor Skill.
Barbarian Human Information - Volcanic Dwellers.
- Bonus in Stamina.
- Bravery Skill.
Vampire Human Information - Undead Humans.
- Bonus in Charisma.
- Vamp Skill.
Centran Human Information - The Ancients.
- Bonus in any 1 Mental Stat.
- Wisdom Skill.
Orc Information - Demonized Humans.
- Bonus in Strength.
- Blood Lust Skill.

Human Races of the Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay:
Jeriah Galaxy:
  - ...
  - ...


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2005-11-14 [xido]: This is exactly the outline I am going to establish for these race pages. I need Humans from Realms of Lemire and Fantasma, as well as all other stories with differing human cultures...

2005-12-19 [xido]: anyone with suggestions can post them here.... this page is still in the works, of course.

2006-11-28 [xido]: We need some artworks and media here... D&D has surpringly little that I have found useful... :(
Any ideas or contributions?

2007-02-05 [xido]:

Format Outline:

A WFR Guild Character Race Page

Information about RACE as player characters, and cultural distinctions among WFR Stories

A Race of the WFR Char RACE Page
Wiki Fantasy Roleplay and Wiki Fiction Roleplay
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WFR Char RACE Page and WFR Char RANK Page
WFR Application Page and WFR Guild Members
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