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Will's Dragons
[xido]'s Dragon Characters

See Draconic Representatives

Munlinthuriwyther ("MUN-lin-THER-ih-WITH-er") - aka, Thuriwyther:
  - Female Adult Black Dragon Sorceress
  - Black Dragon Representative, chosen by her tribe
  - CR 13
  - Persona: sadistic, cynical, witty, snide, crude about others and has a general distate for anything that is not Undead. She has plans of becoming a dracolich, simply to become undead. She reveres the draconic bloodlines as much as she tramples all over the good name of dragons everywhere to get her own way.
  - Outstanding Characteristics: a huge scar on her left side, covered over with smaller scales, from a fight with a catoblepas in Tearra Réhm.
  - Relations: despises everyone but herself. Three children - Akkrivididimas (M), Foultekhtrrivia (F), Maldjidiboundibas (M) - are on more decent relation status, but not by much.

U'hmdrolivekktrrisus ("OO'm-DROH-liv-EKkk-TRrrih-sus") - aka, Drolivekk:
  - Male Mature Adult Brass Dragon Warrior
  - Brass Dragon Representative, won a duel for leadership
  - Clan archiver
  - CR 16
  - Persona: Personable, cautious about humanoids, good-hearted, conscientious and humble. Likes to talk about rare treasures, tomes of lore, and the Book of Dragons, or Grimoire Draconis.
  - Outstanding Characteristics: always wears a black steel brace on his right forearm, as a symbol of his involvement in the Counsel of Peace.
  - Relations: home relations, keeps on good terms with all dragons, and has won many tournaments, duels and titles.

Pesh'tilionicus ("PESH-ti-lie-ON-ik-US") - aka, Pesh:
  - Male Sand Adult Dragon Druid
  - Sand Dragon Representative, chosen by druidic circle
  - Clan Speaker
  - CR 14
  - Persona: Calm, quiet, comfortable.... until provoked.
  - Outstanding Characteristics:
  - Relations:

     Summary & Info:
  These dragons often hang around the Draconic Clan Hall, Polyhieronia, and in the Elftown Community's RPG-related wikipages. Then again, it could just be [xido] acting schizo and loving Dragons.

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2007-03-04 [Estantia]: Now hang on a second, he's not in the 11th clan yet! and we don't have any particular symbol to show we're in it either. I'd appreciate you not jumping the gun though...

2007-03-04 [xido]: That's fine. I just wanted my 'good' dragon to work on the side of peace, order and general goodness. I will take it down for now, and let me know when it is possible for this character to jump back in on the 'good stuff'. ;)

2007-03-04 [Estantia]: your good dragon doesn't have to be in the 11th clan to work on the side of good, try reading the new section on alliances, connections etc, it should explain how I'm able to be in various different things too.

2007-03-19 [xido]: I see. Very well. ;)

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