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Information about Faeriefolk as player characters, and cultural distinctions among WFR Stories

A Race of the WFR Char RACE Page
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See also: Sylvan Clan - Sidhe & Sylvan Clan - Unsidhe

'Petal' Sprites, from Wizards of the Coast / D&D's Monster Manual III

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     All Fae (also spelled Fey or Fay, short for faerie, which is common for 'Sylvan') are born magical and whimsical. They often have an inherent love or devotion to nature or some aspect of nature, such as its fury, chaos, weather, primal instinct or even life and death. Faerie-folk, appropriately called Sylvans, are extraordinarily energetic and light-spirited, if perhaps a little crazy.

     All Fae are divided into two subcultures, known as Courts. The Seelie, or Sidhe ("shee") are often good-natured, and savor life, love, fun and magic, and are the foundation for the lineages of good-aligned Sylvans. Fae of every race have members in this court, including some goblinoids. A Court is not decided solely on race alone. Alignment, personal alliances or devotions, and history (self or family) may all play a part in which Court a Sylvan belongs to, though many races have a standard or most common allegiance. The Grulg, or Unsidhe ("Groo-hlg", "un-shee") are most commonly sadistic, black-hearted or deeply mischeivious to the point of irritation, and have an uncanny skill of putting obstacles in front of adventurers and travellers alike in the most despicably worst moments. Common Sidhe include: Elves/Elfkin, Sprites, Pixies/Nixies, Satyrs, Dryads (Sylvan and Serhmi), Nymph, Genadai, Gnomes/Gnomekin, Selkie, Unari (Unicorn/Elf), Leshay, Keraphians, Felynne. Common Unsidhe include: Goblins/Goblinoids, Gnolls, Sprites, Grigs, Nixies, Satyrs, Dryads, Spriggan Gnomes, Wendigos, Leshay, Keraphians, Felynne, Gremlin.

     Physically, Sylvans run the gamut, from humanoid to amorphous, from beast to beauty, from deathly to angelic. Some have wings, some do not. Some can fly, some cannot (do not confuse yourself by thinking that these two statements are the same thing... Not every fae requires wings to fly. Often they may be for decoration alone, regardless.

Integrate here and in planar races:
Fae/spirit-folk - There are too numerous divisions of sentient creatures that sometimes inhabit the realms of the worldly, many coming from magical realms of lore and pure fantasy, where wishes are thought, and dreams are reality.

Some call the lands of Eastonia their true home, although few will tell you of the nature of their origin, rather mysterious, and protective of their magical worlds from the cruelty and perversion of the human world.

some live here, some commute, and some will only live in a world of eternal twilight. Some have great magical ability, some can only spray you with colorful, luminescent pixie-dust, then leave you coughing, while you dance wildly, whilst they flee; some live in trees(dryads), some wander eternally, on agendas unknown or unwritten. There are some humanoids that try to classify the faefolk that appear mainly in the wilderness, often near or around groups of fungi or plant-life....although it seems rather impossible, with the rapidly growing number. Some like to live in or near water....some adore flying through the coals of flaming campfires....still others exist as mists, or even frog- or insect-like creatures.
Dryads are tree-spirits that live symbiotically in a magical lifelong commune with a tree of the forest, many being oaks, willows, or elms. Some are small, living in connection with a young sprout or small plant, and they can get taller than most humans, as in the case of the Fehrmi Dryads, a rare race connected to the vanishing Fehrmi Tree. Legend has it that a dryad of this kind lives within the body of an eccentric plant that vanishes, often upon the manifestation of the fae. The Genedai of the islands amid the great Blue Ocean have reportedly been able to accomplish this feat as well, and are able to travel the seas accordingly. Both of these races

(Fehrmi and Genedai) are highly magical, and can only be played after thoroughly speaking with [xido], no questions asked.

Nymphs are female-looking spirits that convey the needs of other more powerful spirits or elementals of a given natural territory to the mortal world. They only trust those they are taught to trust, and unwelcome humanoids will never find the way into a Nymph's domain. They are nearly always the size of commone humans and elves.

Nixies are insect-like faeries, pixies are cute little winged sparkly things, often playful and magical. Sprites, Faeries, etc.....there are too many.

Half-elemental spirits of nature often find themselves in this category, as well as that of Half-folk.

Kitsune - Creature of our own Japanese myth, who travel the lands of Eastonia on errands devised on their native dimension, among the spirit realms of the deities and higher beings of the cosmos. More...
Kitsune-bito - The physical form of a Kitsune. Exact translation is Fox Folk. They are tan-white foxes that stand on ther hind legs only standing about 3 feet tall. They have no visible mouth, but can speak like a human. They are often Clerics, but can be warriors as well. Very nimble, much faster than a human despite their size. Very good reflexes.

Sylvan Personal Characteristics:


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Sylvan Character Traits:
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