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Costume Stuff and Random Craft Projects


Current Projects

Learning to Knit
Aes Sedai Costume
Front and Side Laced Bodice with Dress


Past Projects

Costume Wings
Renaissance Costumes
Bellydance Costumes
Other Crafts
Roz's Sketches



Post in the comments if you want to know how to make something - if I know, I'll put the instructions here, if not, I'll try and find instructions for you ^_^


Excellent Elftown Costumers and Crafters

The first Elftown Artist to give me permission to add him to my list of Crafters:

A great FAQ for sculptors, and pages of inspiring art. Also, possibly the whitest legs in Elftown. Possibly ^_^. 


This site requires you to become a member, but they have good basic instructions for things like wings and foam armor.
Awesome, movable fairy wings!! This site provides excellent step by step, illustrated instructions for making moving wings.,2019,DIY_14161_40995,00.html
Generally, I can't stand DIY - too damn chipper - anyway, these videos give good instructions on basic beading techniques and even simple chainmail.
A decent set of instructions for making satry or demon horns.
This is a great website for supplies - Dani's prices are good and he ships stuff fast.
A decent site for inexpensive sculpting and craft stuff. Well, mostly inexpensive ^_^


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2007-06-15 [roslyn]: This will be my wiki page of what I have made and links to helpful websites. 

2007-07-06 [Elliott Demonsworn]: your wiki is looking good darlin =^_^=

2007-07-06 [roslyn]: Thanks! I've still got so much to add - you know how many projects I've done and have going. I wonder if I'll ever manage to post it all . . .

2007-11-16 [roslyn]: I've gotten my more recent projects up, finally, but I've got a lot of older items to put on the Renaissance Costumes page. Right now I'm trying to get pics together.

2007-11-26 [Jitter]: Just fixed a tag for you :)

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