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Grammar and Script of the Language of Dragons


Above:  Auwé, the first letter of the Draconic alphabet, and a highly spiritual icon of the major draconic religions.
The icon is shown expressed in Masterwork Manuscript Uppercase, Manuscript Lowercase, and Stonescript.

This wiki is a part of the Androntel Academy Classrooms, Dracology and Dragons - Biology, Sociology, and Magic, and it fulfills a portion of the language info from the Grammaticum Primeaval, an ancient artifact.


All Images of letters, content and information on the Draconic Alphabet is courtesy of [xido]'s creation, and copyright privileges go to him alone. Dragon Scrawls are the conceptual work of [Dr.Mandarian]. Do not copy content or imagery for non-private use.
And I hate to verbally urinate all over the content on this page, but it must be said to avoid problems with those pesky people thinking that this information is in some way 'Open Net Material'. It is not. It has a creator, who has sought representation for it in connection with Wizards of the Coast ( It is currently represented by both and xidoraven studios, under the xsnet direction of the Krewe of Harpocrates and the Draconic Clan of the Elftown Clans.

The work of Owen K. C. Stephens is available through multiple media, but will be posted here as a .pdf file (below - requires Adobe Acrobat/Reader to view - see to get the free official Reader dowload to view article.


     "The language of dragons is one of the oldest forms of communication. According to the {Great Wyrms}, it is second only to the languages of the outsiders, and all mortal tongues are descended from it. Its script was likely created long after its spoken form was standardized, as dragons have less need to write than other races. Some scholars believe Draconic script might have been influenced by dwarven runes, but the wise don’t express this opinion within hearing of a dragon."

     "Many reptilian races use crude versions of Draconic, including kobolds, lizardfolk, and troglodytes, and present this as proof of their kinship with dragons. It is equally likely that these races were once taught or enslaved by dragons, and it is even possible that they took Draconic for their own simply to make a claim to common ancestors. The Draconic script is also used when a written form is needed for the elemental languages of Auran and Ignan. Despite this, it is still difficult for someone who knows Draconic to learn the languages of air and fire creatures."

     "Slight variations exist in the Draconic that is used by the various kinds of chromatic dragons. These differences are similar to regional accents. They form no impediment to understanding, but they are sufficiently obvious for a native speaker to know whether someone learned to speak Draconic from a red or green dragon. The various metallic dragons have similar accents, but the chromatic dragons each have their own slight differences in pronunciation. In general, Draconic has not changed significantly for hundreds of years."

     "Draconic sounds harsh to most other creatures and includes numerous hard consonants and sibilants. It includes sounds that humans generally describe as hissing (sj, ss, and sv) as well as a noise that sounds a great deal like a beast clearing its throat (ach)."

     "Words that modify other words are placed before or after the word they modify. The most important modifier is always placed before, and it might be placed directly after as well if additional emphasis on the modifier is desired. A speaker of Draconic who wanted to say a big, black, evil dragon was approaching, but wanted the fact that it was evil more than anything else might say, Malsvir darastrix turalisj vutha gethrisj leirith or even Malsvir darastrix turalisj vutha malasvir gethrisj leirith."

     "Most Draconic words have emphasis placed on the first syllable. Important ideas are emphasized in spoken Draconic by stressing the beginning and end of the word. In the written form, important words are marked with a special symbol of six lines radiating outward, similar to a fireburst (*). This is most often done by dragons when referring to themselves. The dragon Karajix would pronounce his name 'KAraj-IX', and it would be written *Karajix*. This emphasis is also sometimes used when commanding, threatening, warning, or making a point."

     "Draconic has no specific word for “my” or “mine,” instead using several prefixes depending on the exact meaning. A physical object claimed as a possession by a dragon speaker would begin with veth or vethi, an individual with a relationship to the dragon (such as a friend or relative) begins with er or ethe, and all other forms of possessiveness are represented by putting ar or ari before a word. Thus for a dragon to say “my sword” or “the sword is mine” he need only say “vethicaex,” and “arirlim” translates as “my enemy.” When indicating possession by another, combine the name of the possessor with the object possessed into a single word that starts with “ar” or “ari.”" (Stephens, O. K. C., 2001)


     The Scripts of the Draconic Alphabet:

Also, see Dragon Scrawls...

The Draconic Alphabet:

<img200*0:stuff/DragonLetters1.jpg>  <img200*0:stuff/DragonLetters2.jpg>

<img200*0:stuff/DragonLetters3.jpg>  <img200*0:stuff/DragonLetters4.jpg>

Draconic Numerals:



     Dragon Names:


     Diction of Terms (Alphabetical):

     Diction of Terms (by Parts of Speech):
(Draconic) - (English - related terms) - (Parts of Speech - Subtype)


vutha - black - adjective (color)
ulhar - blue - adjective (color)
achuak - green - adjective (color)
charir - red - adjective (color)
aussir - white - adjective (color)
yrev - yellow - adjective (color)

vorel - beautiful - adjective
turalisj - big - adjective
faessi - coward - adjective
thurgix - crippled - adjective
loex - dead - adjective
levex - enchanted - adjective
irlym - enemy - adjective, noun
malsvir - evil - adjective
karif - far - adjective, adverb
thurirl - friend - adjective, noun
bensvelk - good - adjective
usk - iron - adjective
karak - last (final) - adjective, adverb, noun *
leirith - near - adjective, adverb
irthos - secret - adjective, noun
osskevekorik - slow - adjective, adverb, verb *
kosj - small - adjective
othokent - smart - adjective
zyak - so - adjective, adverb, conjunction
vyth - steel - adjective
versvesh - strong - adjective
pothoc - stupid - adjective
kaegro - undead - noun (creature), adjective
pothvim - unimportant (useless) - adjective *

karif - far - adjective, adverb
karak - last (final) - adjective, adverb, noun *
leirith - near - adjective, adverb
thric - no - adverb
osskevekorik - slow - adjective, adverb, verb *
zyak - so - adjective, adverb, conjunction
thel - this (here) - pronoun, adverb *
axun - yes - adverb
sjerit - yet - adverb

vur - and - conjunction
shar - but - conjunction
sjek - if - conjunction
thur - nor - conjunction
usv - or - conjunction
zyak - so - adjective, adverb, conjunction

baeshra - animal - noun (creature)
athear - celestial - noun (creature)
urathear - deity - noun (creature)
kothar - demon - noun (creature)
darastrix - dragon - noun (creature)
tundar - dwarf - noun (creature)
vaecaesin - elf - noun (creature)
terunt - gnome - noun (creature)
rauhiss - halfling - noun (creature)
munthrek - human - noun (creature)
ghontix - ogre - noun (creature)
ghik - orc - noun (creature)
kaegro - undead - noun (creature), adjective

thrae - air - noun (element)
edar - earth - noun (element)
ixen - fire - noun (element)
hesjing - water - noun (element)

rhyvos - cow - noun (food)
rhyaex - meat - noun (food)

waere - cave - noun (place)
caesin - forest - noun (place)
hurthi - fortress - noun (place)
okarthel - home - noun (place)
edajing - marsh - noun (place) *
verthicha - mountain - noun (place)
arux - valley - noun (place)

ir - one (a, the) - noun (number)

ierikc - century - noun (time)
kear - day - noun (time)
thurkear - night - noun (time)
earenk - tomorrow - noun (time)
eorikc - year - noun (time)

aujir - bronze - noun (wealth)
rach - copper - noun (wealth)
kethend - gem - noun (wealth)
aurix - gold - noun (wealth)
ux - platinum - noun (wealth)
orn - silver - noun (wealth)
rasvim - treasure - noun (wealth)
noach - wealth - noun (wealth)

garurt - axe - noun (weapon)
vaess - arrow - noun (weapon)
garurt - axe - noun (weapon)
vaex - bow - noun (weapon)
gix - claw - noun (weapon)
jhank - hammer - noun (weapon)
ner - spear - noun (weapon)
caex - sword - noun (weapon)
oth - tooth - noun (weapon)

litrix - armor - noun
vignar - ash - noun
waeth - bag - noun
vargach - battle - noun
iejir - blood - noun
sveargith - bravery - noun
sunathaer - cleric - noun
korth - danger - noun
sverak - darkvision - noun
irlym - enemy - adjective, noun
sauriv - eye - noun
haurach - fate - noun
lauth - few - noun, adjective (number)
achthend - food - noun
thurirl - friend - adjective, noun
vaeri - dance - noun, verb
lauth - few - noun, adjective (number)
dartak - hate - noun, verb
karak - last (final) - adjective, adverb, noun *
maekrix - leader - noun
arcaniss - magic - noun
sthyr - man - noun
throden - many - noun, adjective (number)
ominak - name - noun
martivir - peace - noun
oposs - rain - noun
ausnesalisj - salt - noun *
sjir - scroll - noun
irthos - secret - adjective, noun
sjach - shadow - noun
molik - skin (hide) - noun
miirik - song - noun
vorastrix - sorcerer - noun
isk - star - noun
ternesj - stone - noun
kepesk - storm - noun
virlym - thief - noun
vivex - victory - noun
aryte - war - noun
laraek - weapon - noun
levethix - wizard - noun
aesthyr - woman - noun
grovisv - wood - noun

svern - above - preposition
ghent - after - preposition
ghoros - before - preposition
zara - behind - preposition
vhir - below - preposition
unsinti - beside - preposition
ihk - for - preposition
persvek - in - preposition
shafaer - on - preposition
erekess - through - preposition
ekess - to - preposition
onureth - under - preposition
mrith - with - preposition

thel - this (here) - pronoun, adverb *
yth - we - pronoun
wux - you - pronoun

valeij - bleed - verb
maurg - breed - verb
durah - bribe - verb
valignat - burn - verb
vaeri - dance - noun, verb
loreat - die - verb
gixustrat - disembowel - verb
osvith - flee - verb
austrat - fly - verb
majak - give - verb
gethrisj - go - verb
dartak - hate - noun, verb
irisv - heal - verb
svent - kill - verb
thadarsh - pillage - verb
ssifisv - rest - verb
ocuir - see - verb
kurik - slaughter - verb
osskevekorik - slow - adjective, adverb, verb *
hysvear - soar - verb
renthisj - speak - verb
pok - stop - verb
clax - take - verb
ukris - talk - verb
ossalur - travel - verb
tuor - want - verb

All material copyright to its specific owners. (Stephens, O. K. C., 2001), (Thompson, R. W., 2007), & (pyre builder, 2007 *); Aarknorian dialect / glyphs - [Dr.Mandarian]

Stephens, Owen K. C., (2001). 'Dragontongue.' From Dragon Magazine, Issue #284, Paizo Publishing Company (Adobe .pdf format).

[xido] - Thompson, R. W., (2007). 'Draconic Alphabet', from Draconic Language and Script. Retrieved June 10, 2007, from this page,


Draconic Clan
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Unit Two :  -  Draconic Personality and Sociology
Unit Three :  -  Draconic language and script
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For Grammaticum Primeaval Info and studies, Draconic Writings include the Book of Dragons, which houses the writings and prophecy of the draconic bloodlines of the Selenar System and Jashnia's current eon.


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2007-10-20 pyrebuilder: not really, if you want to get more into the draconic language, i would recommend getting the draconomicon, which explains far more about how the language is used (i thought so, look over a friends' copy) it also explains a lot about culture. (helpfull for creating new words)

2007-10-20 pyre builder: i just noticed that the example i put for 1000 says "ir-nihi-nihi-ni", but it would actually be "ima-nihi-nihi-ni"
ya, sorry if im being too nitpicky.

2007-10-24 OhNoOhYes: yay i finally found this site! pyre when u gave it to me at your house i couldn't remember it (no duh...) so yay!

2007-11-03 [xido]: Great to meet you both, new friends.

A note about the Draconic language in Jashnia:
Information for the following campaign elements will be separated as follows:
- Jashnia and its Cosmology
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These campaign setting elements will be split as follows:
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Inath and its inherent portions are part of a potential publication currently unrepresented by any party except [xido] himself. The Grammaticum Primeaval and all its inherent portions are currently represented by Paul Lapidus at New Funtiers, .

2007-11-29 Josh: This rules! Ive been learning draconic for like 5months. <img:44166_1164145068.gif>

2007-11-29 [wareanimal]: OOps. This rules! Ive been learning draconic for like 5months.

2007-11-29 [wareanimal]: Man I dont understand how to make words and stuff. I have a lot of time.

2007-12-28 [xido]: Way cool, man. We are working on this slowly but surely. I would like to feature it in Dragon Magazine at some point, so if it disappears, I can make sure to let you all know what issue to expect it in. ;) All contributors will get adequate mentioning if it ever takes place.

2008-01-08 [EnigmaFlame]: Im gona get a draconomicon, and see if that helps

2008-01-15 [EnigmaFlame]: Favorite band, just guess. Dragon force! <img:2706_1128818519.gif>

2008-01-21 pyrebuilder: hey, its been a long time since i dropped bye, for those of you who want to make words, you have to take existing words and mix them carefully, keeping the important sounds in the words, but it also has to roll of the tongue easilly, and sound like what they discribe, like "earth" is going to have deeper sounding letters than "air".

2008-01-21 [xido]: That's good advice, my friend.

Everyone, please be forewarned:
This page is part of a greater project - a culmination of Fantasy Languages. It is also under the umbrella heading of content developed for the Grammaticum Primeaval, which is a Jashnia-oriented concept.

That being the case, it is under the publication rights of xidoraven studios to add, edit, change, or delete certain content for usage in their publication endeavors. This is not meant as an offense to any creators, but as a disclaimer: we appreciate your input and assistance, but please note that the publication industry has standards, limits, and policies that we as individuals may not understand personally. I will try me best to get all contributed content published in our media, but please bare with me.

Thanks, and best wishes to you all. Please consider joining the WFR, and make our Guild the most notoriously creative organization in gaming and fiction on the web.

2008-02-18 raziel: nice page, really, but please make your letters at the scripts a bit more clear so I won't have to chenge glasses soon :)

2008-03-09 [xido]: If you are simply reading them as they are posted, they are in fact quite small. Try clicking on the images, and they will open into large windows.

Notice and Updates:
The alphabet I created is moving forward with the project I spoke about earlier. I will be utilizing OKC Stephens material, which I will also post here, because it is important that people be able to view where this information is coming from.

I am not sure if the information is any more informative in 'Races of the Dragon' than it is in 'Draconomicon', but the page will soon have this added to its media.

Pyrebuilder, do you have any problems with me attempting to merge your content with our own Elftown diction of draconic terms, and simply credit you on these wikipages? This is a voluntary project, and may include a publication, software application, and/or future projects. I will not always be able to cite your name/username at all possible times of your content being utilized. At this point, I have no budget, and therefore no contract offer for creative work done so far. I can, however, offer you incentives if you ever choose to join or the eventual xsnet, under the direction of the production management of the Krewe of Harpocrates and/or Comus (Applied Conceptual tentative name). This would apply to both words/phrases entered presently and in future submissions of your choosing, as well as the naming system or a variant thereof of the numeric characters.

We will be publishing under the name of xidoraven studios, a company currently in the works.

ps: give me a day or two on the .pdf file. I can't find it on the flash drive I thought it was on, so I have to go back to my laptop to get it.

2008-08-06 [pyrebuilder]: yeah, i dont mind, when possable credit my real name, if not possable, i dont mind. if you need help creating a word creation guide id help, just email me.

2008-08-06 [EnigmaFlame]: wow its coming along

2008-08-12 [xido]: Um, things went to hell in a handbasket between then and now. Just to let you all know, things suck ass at the moment for me. Homelessness is not a fun time, in case it ever crosses your path. :/

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