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This page contains all of Elftown's logos (banners) I could find. Most, but not all of them were made for the Elftown-graphic-for-Elfwood-competition. So, thanks to our great artists, you can use any of these pictures for a link to Elftown from your home site (if you have no idea how to do that, see the Elftown Technology page).

Message [Hedda] if you want to submit a banner/logo! Useful sizes are:
117*30, 125*125, 234*60, 468*60, 300*250, 728*90, 160*600.

<img:/img/new/elftownminibutton.gif> a button by [akilah]


For Elfwood and for You

You can find a link to the artist's house below each logo (or group of logos).

<img256*0:logo/Elftown4.gif>  <img256*0:img/new/sloakumElftown3.gif>
This was chosen by Elftowners for the Elfwood mainpage.

One of the oldest Elftown logos, made long before the competition.
Anonymous artist
[foxy loxy]


These ancient images have nothing to do with the competition, but they are too pretty to hide them, I think...

468x68 standard banner made by [Hedda] of[Amedyr]'s graphic.

125*125 standard ad made by [Hedda] of [Images]'s front page image


1. Almost all of them have been resized to 256 pixels width for this page. Some are actually larger than that.
2. If you would like this page to be changed in some way, please leave a comment.
3. You can also edit it yourself, of course, but a comment about the changes you've made would be nice to see.
4. I know I forgot something, but I don't know what, so, if you remember, give me a hint ;)



Sci-fi style logos

Taken from ET sci-fi logo contest


See also: Make an Elftown ad

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