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2009-06-23 [Artsieladie]: For those I've had problems with, I expect no apology from them, if they are in the dark. But for the ones that know the secrets that lead back to the initial beginning of all this, an apology along with the truth would certainly be refreshing. You see the trouble begins when there are secrets being hidden and should a person get suspicious enough about those secrets, because the person knows they are involved somehow more than they are aware of or even asked for or expected such involvement in the first place, those protecting the secrets will become increasingly protective as the person gets closer and closer to the whole truth. Fortunately the truth has a way of surfacing sooner or later and often without prompting. Sooner or later, the guilt of knowing and being a part of such gets the better of someone and when this happens, the guilt must be alleviated and so they confess. So it might depend on who here has a conscience and who doesn't.

2009-06-23 [Kyrinn]: Not expecting an apology, and I wont be offering one. Ive not dealt with you personally, but frankly, you are really taking this "I want credit where credit is due" thing way too far. By now, a person who has felt wronged has voiced their gripe, gotten it out, and gone on to other things or sites. But instead, YOU drag it out, picking again and again at the same damn things. You dont like the term "Grow up"? Then drop it, and go on. There is no stupid conspiracy out to get you. You have not been "Wronged all over the world", you were banned from the site by the OWNER of the site. Its his site, he can do as he pleases. 

Its awfully high and mighty of you to decide for me that I dont have a conscience. God would not like to see you promoting so much hate even if it is just a website. You say mean, spiteful things but cant accept help or a compliment. Ive stood by and watched this and frankly, Im sick of it. And believe it or not, I am not apart of some trap to get at you. Im just getting royally tired of watching a grown woman behave like a twit. [Calico Tiger] made the comments of this page so they couldnt be seen, so YOU made the choice to turn it into yet another drama fest by turning them on and using HUGE TEXT to get your message across. 

Arguing with you is pointless, so im just going to stop. And I wish you would too, Artsie. You are the one dirtying your 'reputation' on the net, no one else. You can cut out with the dramatic "I KNOW THE WHOLE TRUTH" shit too while you are at it. Im done.  

2009-06-23 [Artsieladie]: Oh really? Did I mention your name specifically anywhere in the above that I was expecting an apology from? Did I mention your name specifically and say that you had no conscience? I'm accused of being defensive, but from where I'm sitting, you are not without this action yourself.

Why should I drop it? Am I getting a little too close to the truth? Is this your reputation on the line? Are you having your privacy invaded? Are you being treated the way I have been? It's so easy for others to judge when they aren't and haven't walked in the shoes of another or in the shoes of the person they are judging. I realise that this all may be annoying to some and things can be when they don't directly affect us adversely. This is just it, someone else's troubles aren't worthy of our time until the same troubles hit home. Then it's a different story.

If he can do as he pleases, then why is it such a problem to admit about placing the heart in my badge slot? Why the big secret? People can do as they please as long as they bring no harm to another.

I say mean spiteful things? Oh but no one has said any mean or spiteful things to me, now have they? It's perfectly alright for others to dish it out at me, against me, but should I defend myself, then I'm the one that's saying mean and spiteful things? Just because I decide to say some things out where the community can have a clue as to what's going on rather being kept in the dark, and so others can hear some of my side of the story, but for this, I'm promoting hatred? Right. How darest I defend myself out in the open like this, because this isn't in a closed forum where I have been cornered several times because I didn't say what was expected of me. I didn't just go along with the rest of the program just to feel like I belonged and no, I'm not pointing a finger at you specifically here either.

I didn't create the "banned member" status on the internet by the way.

No, I'm the one that hid the comments, my dear. Someone else chose to open them up and Calico re-hid them... again.

You know, I don't wish what I've been put through on anyone, but the more I see that I dare say anything, the more perhaps, those that are judging me and saying that I oughta' grow up, or that I'm acting like a twit as you say, then maybe some of you ought to experience what I've been put through and perhaps then, you won't feel quite so high and mighty (to quote your choice of words). 

2009-06-23 [SilverFire]: then why is it such a problem to admit about placing the heart in my badge slot?

Because it was me. -_- Still. Always. And I have admitted it. Repeatedly.

2009-06-23 [Kyrinn]: Maybe if you listen to those around you, you will get the answer you want. [SilverFire] just told you. AGAIN. The entire problem here is, you wont drop it. You ask for answers but claim to know the answers when the answer is given. Then you say in one breath that you love Elftown and in the very next spit on it. and no, you didnt make the 'banned member' status but you have gone on and on and on all by yourself to fit the "crazy person" status.

Take [SilverFire] at her word and drop it already. What the hell happened to you, you used to be so nice.  

2009-06-23 [Lerune]: Normally, I'd step in and try to put an end to all of this, but I actually think that as long as people stay civil and sane, it'll be good to get it all out.

Artsie...Kyrinn is just voicing how she feels, and the way she feels is how a LOT of people feel right now. We're tired of tired of it. It's taxing. It's draining. It's irritating and we're all so fed up with all the drama. You just can't let it go. We're all so tired of how you cling to things, especially the "I was banned because I did nothing wrong" statement which you have plastered all over the freaking internet. You WERE banned because you did nothing wrong. It was discussed...we all thought a small break would do you some good, but it didn't. It did you NO good at just further tossed you into this downward spiral of conspiracy theories and such. 

You did say something that was true: it is your life and if you want to spend it on the computer, then that is your right. However, it is COMPLETELY unhealthy to spend as much time as you do sequestered away from the world, living out your life vicariously through the alias you've made for yourself. You were banned to get you away from that for a few days. You were banned because WE'RE CONCERNED about you. You don't believe that, and I don't care. I will continue to say it because it's the truth. We're concerned about your well-being and THAT was the real reason behind the ban. If you don't believe me, I don't care. I know that was the reason and you can choose to continue with this spew of conspiracy sewage if you want. That is your right, after all.

I am not going to argue with you, because I respect you too much. I'll be glad to talk to you, reason with you, listen to you, but I will not side blindly with you. I don't side blindly with anyone - I've always been the one on the fence that tries to mend things, and that's what I'll always be.

I am sorry you feel wronged, but if we all held onto every single misfortune in our lives the way you are holding onto this, I'm sure we'd all be committed. This is where the frustration comes into play. People are frustrated because you keep yelling about all that's wrong, all the ways we've hurt you, but you won't listen to anyone's explanations of why. You say you don't expect an apology? It's a good thing, Artsie, because I am not sure you'd let someone speak long enough to give you one. =o(

And for the love of God, Hedda DID NOT put that heart in your badge slot. He did not put the heart in your badge slot. Hedda, the owner of this site did NOT ever place a heart into your badge slot. Henrik Wallin did not place a small heart graphic inside of your badge slot in your profile. I don't know how many times we have to say it, but it was a mistake made ACCIDENTALLY by Silverfire, who has admitted many, many times that she did it...and she even apologized for it.

Perhaps "grow up and get over it" is a strong way to word it, but something has got to give. The drama is doing nothing for anybody. We care about you, and we miss the old you. We miss the bubbly, cheery person whom we loved chatting with and seeing online. We'd love to have her back ANY time she's ready to come back...but the nasty, childish snotty woman who keeps spouting about conspiracies, computer hacking and secret messages is just really wearing everyone down.

2009-06-23 [Hedda]: I just want to confirm that was [Lerune] said is correct, except for that it was I (not "we") who banned Artsie and it got prolonged because I felt I had to clear some stuff up and I didn't feel like spending time on it right away.

2009-06-23 [Lerune]: And I would like to clarify that I meant we, as in other people had also expressed concern for Artsie in the past. It was ultimately Hedda's decision to ban her, and he would have stood by his decision regardless of whether or not we all agreed with him, it just so happened that several of us supported his decision. Again, not because we wanted to hurt her or were "out to get" her, it was simply because of reasons already stated. Sorry if that sounded as if I was saying that the ban was a community-wide decision. =oP

2009-06-23 [Teufelsweib]: *pops up being the nosy, annoying teen that she is*

hey, I've read the whole damn thing, now I want to be able to give my two coppers on the matter as well!
*hears everyone sighing already* ok ok, I'll try to keep it short.
but as far as I know mainly irritations and frustrations, such as this, are also because people don't speak up plainly. I know it's in my dutchy nature to say bluntly what I feel or what's the matter, and it does sometimes hurt people, but at least you avoid stuff like this.
but one thing is clear: we all want to end this whole discussion. we're all tired of it, we all still respect each other and wish that it could be just like the ole days.
so what if everyone just made a clear list of things they wanted to hear, they wanted to be discussed, questions they wanted answered and by who, and to point out people by name. the damage has already been done and it'll only get worse if we go on pointing fingers randomly at people. so this is mainly for artsie, if you can perhaps speak out plainly and put whatever's on your mind concerning ET and spread it out on the table, I'm sure so many things could be cleared up... to address the people whom it concerns so they can give you an answer and then when all this shit has been cleared out we can all happily be friends again and bake some cake.

and yeah, sorry for bothering and hopping into this discussion again. I just... well, the negativity doesn't belong on a site like ET. and I don't like it, I don't like the bitching everywhere. I mean, I like you guys. and I like you all better when you're talking bout porn and fun stuff instead of spending time on matters like this. and I also like artsie better when she was back making loads of awesome graphics to make this site more sparklier. so if we all just could sit down and talk this out, and get to the point...

2009-06-23 [Lerune]: I do love her sparkly graphics. :D  And I see nothing at all wrong with Artsie elaborating on which questions, exactly, that she feels are being pushed under the carpet. =o)

2009-09-11 [Artsieladie]: It would be nice to get to the truth, so this all could be put to rest once and for all. Will the one that's hiding the truth, PLEASE stand up?! I don't believe it is the Council/Crew that's pushing anything under the carpet, if this is any consolation.

I have many more 'sparkly' graphics waiting to be uploaded, probably a couple thousand more, which would have enabled me to be the first to receive the Myriapoda Badge, but I don't think a badge is worth or can replace the damage that's been done to me, especially if the truth cannot be told by one person in particular. If this were to be the case, I'm not a person to hold a grudge. I would just like there to be some accountability for some error in a person's judgment.

God knows that I love to make graphics. What really pisses me off is that I was going to incorporate selling the rights to use my graphics for non-commercial use, that would require people to come to Elftown to get them, all to increase traffic to Elftown and hopefully also increase membership here. But now I have to find another site to upload them all to and then the traffic will have to be directed to that site instead and there's absolutely no benefit to Elftown if I do it this way. But... Hedda says I'm flip-flop in my caring about Elftown. By the looks of this page, I certainly have been flip-flop! Yepp! Yesirre! *grrrrrrrr*

2009-09-11 [Mortified Penguin]: Hiding the truth? That would be me. What specific parts of the truth did you wish to hear?

2009-09-11 [Artsieladie]: I knew the real truth teller would be here! All of them, of course! Now speak! :) Hmm.. Did you say ahhhh *thinks as mouth waters* The parts I asked for specifically awhile ago in a 'custom order' at Bob's Diner sounds delectable. Still waiting! If you serve them up, I'll be there ...with bells on! *giggles* You can even add a side order of ramen, if you like. ;) *heads off towards, well, where else?*

2009-12-08 [Artsieladie]: No what SilverFire has said IS NOT TRUE. The little red heart was placed in my badge slot at the same time my Inspector's Badge arrived, which was on 2009-02-15. The date that SilverFire gave of 2009-02-28 is INCORRECT!

2009-12-08 [SilverFire]: I badged you several times, to give you credit for various different pieces of work you'd done. I can't remember which exact time it was, because I badged you several times, but I remember doing it. I thought the heart should be there to make the badge slot symmetrical. Later, I realised that the heart was there because it was a Valentine's contest, and thus that symmetry wasn't your intent, so I removed it. I'm sorry I can't remember the exact dates I badged you for various things.

2009-12-08 [Artsieladie]: Ah, I suggest you give it up, because the more you try to explain, the deeper in you're getting. I'm REALLY NOT trying to make a point to say that you're lying. I'm trying to get the person that REALLY did it to stand up and lay claim to the fact that the person did this. But it's not a bad thing that was done! Besides taking a screen capture, I know when it was placed in there, because Hans was with me the day it was done and he was pissed off about it BECAUSE HE WAS JEALOUS!!!

This proves that you DID NOT place the heart in the badge slot (among a couple other aspects you've stated):

"I thought the heart should be there to make the badge slot symmetrical. Later, I realised that the heart was there because it was a Valentine's contest"

..Because 'the' first heart "I" had placed in the badge slot was originally "symmetrical" and it was between St. Valentine Poets and Donors of Writing (in the middle) as can be seen here in this screen capture I sent to [Hedda] Sent 2009-02-15 17:31:56 (which took place just before my Inspector's badge arrived AND the little red heart):


...Because I was seeing red and blue colours in my secret diary. Very pretty they were!

So no, you did NOT place it in there to make anything symmetrical. When it was placed in there, after the one "I" already had in there as explained previously, it was placed just to the left of the Inspector's link, which was to the right of MY symmetrical one, which then did make my badge slot no longer symmetrical. "I" then moved MY original little red heart over to the left and placed it between St. Valentine Painters and St Valentine Poets, so I wouldn't have to disturb the "original placing" of the heart to the left of the Inspector link.

But just to now TELL THE REAL TRUTH in regards to my heart placed in my badge slot, it was [Hedda] that placed it in there when he delivered to me my Inspector's Badge on the day after Valentine's Day although he is 'saying' that he did not, which is a BIG, FAT LIE! ...AND it was also HE that removed it WHEN HE BANNED ME. He removed it just to let me know how pissed off he was I would even consider leaving Elftown, regardless what he may be telling others. That cock-a-meme story he concocted about I was going to delete stuff? It was just a lame excuse he came up with to lay blame on me, make "me" look like I was the lunatic. Well, folks, I CANNOT DELETE ANYTHING FROM HEDDA'S SERVER! ..And HE knows this nor did I have the priv of 13 or lower to delete any wiki-pages.

Hedda needs to stand up now and tell the truth. He also told me that "I" chased Lerune away from Elf12. [Lerune] told me that this is not true, as I knew it wasn't and isn't.

Apparently Hedda can make someone appear to be in another place, even if they've never ACTUALLY been there in their life.. like I. I was made to look like I was in Massachusetts! Hedda IS, I repeat.. IZ.. a whole lot more clever than apparently anyone here on Elftown is aware of. If you all knew about his "extra curricular activities", well, not too many of you would likely even want to stay here!

Oh, maybe he'll be willing to also disclose to everyone what he was busy doing while he had me banned? Perhaps, he would also like to disclose why he deleted a diary entry I had made in regards to a "call to myself" (or so it was made to appear so.. the call, that is.) ..Perhaps, he would also like to disclose "why" HE deleted my Valentine contest image from my drawing history? Perhaps, he would now like to be truthful about a lot of stuff, a lot of things?

Perhaps he will tell us all how cleverly he knows just how to impersonate another? ...Or how clever he "thought" he was when he deleted an email account and so the email HE sent to someone, not just putting me down, but SLAMMING me down, would hopefully go poof? It's really too bad however, all this effort was for naught, because the email was printed out and a number of copies were made! But messing with yours truly here and being able to get away with it, by making things look like this has been ALL me.. is one thing. However, messing with a Fed IS NOT VERY SMART! Oh well! Truthtime is coming a lot sooner than apparently anyone here wants to believe. Don't say I didn't warn everyone!

..And to think how many times I have told Hedda that if he would just come clean with me, tell me why he started all of this, I would be willing to listen and try to understand from his perspective and if he would set things right, stop what he's doing, I would give him a completely CLEAN slate, total forgiveness and guess what I still got in return? More of the same. So Hedda will have NO ONE to blame but himself when his piper bill rolls in and all those people that he said he would trust his life with? Let's see how these folks will like to find out how they have been used as well.

It was Hedda that pitted people against me, but neither I nor those he was pitting were aware. Meanwhile, he's been sitting on the sidelines enjoying the drama unfolding and relishing that no one has even considered the fact that it has been HE that has single-handedly orchestrated this whole damn fiasco.

Perhaps, he would also like to explain HIS ROLE in how things went wrong between Sunrose and I? How he used her against me and how he used me against her? ..And perhaps, too, he would like to explain "why" it was so damn important to him that she and I would never get to the point of "comparing notes"? But perhaps, more importantly, what HE did to ensure we NEVER would? He has somehow failed to tell others about HIS OWN paranoia though fed by his guilty conscience. Shall I?

How about how he KNEW SO QUICKLY that I had uploaded my Galadriel art to and how quickly HE then downloaded it from Within MINUTES!

I know people have said several times that I should bring everything out I have. Here's the main reason why I have not: I like Hedda. I do not like what he's done, but fortunately for him, I have managed to see more about him than just his "extra curricular activities". So I keep on hoping that he will eventually do the right thing and show accountability like a mature adult would. I also don't want to instigate the complete downfall of his sites and/or livelihood. I know that if I do bring out and "show 'n' tell" everything I have, the very common "common denominator" will be spelled out in spades. But if HE isn't going to do the right thing, then this leaves me to have to do it for him, because there is no way, no how that I am going to just leave things as they are, with everyone left thinking the worst of me, while he escapes any and all blame whatsoever. Besides, there are several others that deserve to know the truth, how he started the fire, but then left everyone else that ultimately got pulled into this mess besides myself, left without any viable means to extinguish it and then ever so often, he would throw a little more fuel onto the fire and always unsuspected and unseen by others. He always knows and knew that I have seen him do things, because I've told him when I caught him, but because he had gotten everyone to disbelieve anything I would say, he knew he could get away with anything and never get detected or even suspected.

But there are a couple people here now that have put at least some of the pieces together and it's only a matter of time before others will as well. So ultimately, he is going to be burning down his own site even if I don't "show 'n' tell".

2011-05-06 [Sir_Hans]: I am one of the witnesses of the heart being placed in Sharon's badge slot. It was NOT done by SilverFire. It was done by Hedda, as it was also he who removed it as well. There are witnesses and screen captures but there is also irrefutable evidence with a technology not yet available to the general public which Hedda doesn't have knowledge of and therefore does not know how to counter play it.

Interesting - [Elftron]: "Was last seen 866 days ago. (Logged out)" This information was added to this presentation (although while logged out) about the same time as the news article was placed referring to: "Upgraded to Roxen Webserver 5.1.185 (with Pike 7.8.534) 2011-04-18." The news article: Date: 2011-04-18 01:20:52 News #: 590 Reporter: Hedda

[True, plain and simple] wrote in Sharon's guestbook: ""He must have also rigged it so that you never went to the invite page to invite Hans too, right? Because the screenshots showed that as well."

Sharon was said to be the liar. I guess Hedda "did" rig the invite page after all. It has been proven she did invite me. Who's the liar? Who rigged what? Fooling True, plain and simple is mighty clever! If Hedda can fool him, it would be reasonable to assume Hedda can also fool just about anyone else here on this site.

The cat must have everyone's tongue around here. The Calls_To_Myself page and its affiliated links clearly and directly point towards and placing Hedda under undeniable suspicion, but no one here has anything to say now? -noted-


2011-05-06 [Hedda]: How the fuck is it "interesting" that I updated [Elftron]'s presentation without logging in as that user?

Please, go away! I have no idea what the other shit is about and I seriously don't give a crap. It doesn't matter what I write, because you're just going to waste more of my time.

2011-05-08 [Sunrose]: Hedda pitted us against each other? Seriously. It seems to me that all the accusations you are expressing towards Hedda now, were at first in fact all expressed towards me.

I was the one who put you on the Council. At some point it seemed to me you had trouble communicating with him. On one hand his bluntness seemed to offend you, on the other hand you seemed to try and please him too much (in my opinion). So I tried to help you, which I have done for others too. I wish someone had done that for me when I became crew, so I wouldn't have been in so many arguments for taking things far too seriously.
Instead you were offended, because you felt I was saying that because I tried to keep you away from him. You became defensive saying it was your choice to want to please him or not. I never disagreed with that, but to me it came across as if you were doing it because you were in love with him rather than you actually liking the ideas. Generally it's not very constructive if someone just agrees to everything out of pure admiration (or fear), so that would be something I'd want to prevent.

At some point I told you he can read private messages, which every site owner actually can. I told you he probably was reading messages, because I knew for a fact he has sometimes read mine. But personally I didn't care about that, you however made it out as if he was constantly reading everything you were writing. Which is not what I had said.

Then we had an msn-conversation, which was after midnight for me. I was tired, I apparently wrote crappy English sounding like Hedda. I had a webcam though, you could've easily checked if it was actually me.
After that a friend sent me a link that I was stupid enough to click. It turned out to be a virus and it was sent to all my online friends. I had to shut off my msn, as to not have it keep sending it to everyone. I deleted msn from my computer and reinstalled the program. Since that took me some time, it took a while for me to get back online to warn the online friends not to click that stupid link.
Funnily, you are the only one who sought something behind it. You started telling everyone I had tried to infect your computer with a virus on purpose. And a lot of people believed you, at that point I became the bitch of Elftown. Thanks for that BTW.

By now you have changed your story and tell everyone that a 'third' person was in that conversation. And you won't believe me anyway, just like you don't believe Silverfire. It’s funny how you and Hans were “witness” to this heart being placed by Hedda, when neither of you can actually know who was doing the editing. You could only see the heart being there and the heart being gone at a certain point in time. Plus, True actually proved it wasn’t Hedda.
Other people don't log everything in journals and screenshots, so details get lost. Especially when it's about something they didn't actually think about as being important, because it simply wasn't important. If we could have all foreseen this shit happening, we would have made different choices beforehand.

Anyhoo. After that you actually went behind my back asking around about me. Somehow you concocted the theory that Hedda and I were romantically involved in some way. Most of my arguments with Hedda took place on MSN, so on Elftown we'd more often already agree on things. Apparently this lead for more people to believe that I fancied him and was trying to lick his ass or something. But you and they couldn't have been more wrong. I think there haven't been many on crew he has had more arguments about Elftown with than me.
Furthermore I have never been involved with him, I actually had a boyfriend during the time of your accusations. Somehow I was however made out to be a scorned woman, rejected by Hedda and jealous of you. And Hedda was trying to keep us apart, to prevent me from telling you what he did. He did NOTHING to me. We are still friends, the only bad thing he did was to not protect me from your crazy accusations. He has shown me things you have written, because they involved me and showed how you were trying to make me look bad towards him and pretty much everyone else I know on here.
It are these stupid accusations that got me to turn against you, you did that all by yourself. Why should I like someone who's saying all these things about me?

As for ideas being ripped apart and then used anyway, this isn’t new. It’s also not new that Hedda would say something, and then not back the person up later. People can change their minds and Hedda isn’t tactical to begin with nor reads all that people write (so he could’ve not cared about something or missed postings he should’ve seen). So you're not special in that respect, it has happened to all of us at some point in time.

When talking about tooting your horn, you aren't the only one who hasn't always been recognised for his or her work. It would often take a while, but you were the only one who at some point started to gripe about it. All the time. And since people generally don't like that, it might have caused for you to not get the things you wanted as fast as you wanted them. Other crewmembers don’t “arrange” for awards being given to them, they don’t have a say in that. I think most of the gripe was about the beaver badge, this badge is however one of the hardest to give out because there aren’t really any rules for it. After I became council it took 2 years for me to get the top beaver badge, it took you 2,5 years. That’s not a very big difference. Especially not when taking into account that I also got it for my guardwork, not just for all the wiki’s I made and organised.
I think it's obvious why for instance you weren't promoted to Guard, there were simply way too many problems in working together with you. There were already enough things to do, they didn't need arguments on top of that.

At first people didn’t see you for what you were. They thought I was exaggerating and should just ignore it. But after I resigned, the accusations started to shift towards other female crewmembers such as Silverfire and Lothuriel (suddenly they were in love with Hedda too). This was very interesting and opened a lot of peoples’ eyes. Somehow you rarely seemed to have issues with male members. Granted there weren’t a lot of male crew in comparison to female crew, but they were present and they’d also speak up in reply to your accusations.

It’s been more than three years since I resigned and this shit is still going on. You even managed to chase off one of my best friends on here, being True. You have been telling people you’d spill the beans on Hedda for ages, long before I resigned. You keep resurrecting wiki’s about it, writing diaries about it, even sending me messages and guestbooks about it. Or getting that Hans guy to send me crap, as recent as last week. You visit my wiki’s and write fake friendly comments, or follow me around on other wiki’s. I consider that harassment and have and will keep reporting it.
I don’t care if you like Hedda, if there are beans to spill and you think everyone should know then spill them already. Please set us all free. Or keep us out of it, if you only want Hedda to explain it to you.

All this time I could’ve posted copies of our messages, as to disprove things you were saying about me. But I didn’t, because that would’ve been the attention you were looking for and it would've been pointless as you rarely actually listen.
Since this crap is still continuing I felt I should give my 2 cents. I however want you to leave me out of this, stop mentioning me or referring to me in some way. It should be clear by now that I want nothing to do with you, Hans, your family, your crap or whatever. I advised for Hedda to ban you 3-4 years ago and I still do. If you keep this up I will continue to do so. He seems to be able to tolerate you, but that might end at some point.

2011-10-10 [Sir_Hans]: -Noted-
CC: 1092011IC3SSAG

2011-10-10 [Mortified Penguin]: -Noting your note-

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