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2007-05-14 20:48:16
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Sexy Eye Tutorial

By [Caelicorn]


I have to apologize for the quality of this tute, it is a very old one I have found, and obviously I was too lazy to cut and paste properly so the shapes are inconsistent :) Anyway.

You can make any eye sexy, really, but I quite like this shape with the sculpted brows.

1 - 3
Lay out the foundations for the skin about the eye in two or three tones. I find the best way for picking blending colours is to use the drop tool at the edge of two colours - where two colours meet...then you can pick up an intermediary colour.

4 - 6
Large and small smudge brushes to smudge the colours into each other.

7 - 8
Extra refinement with black/white lines to highlight certain parts of the eye.

Dodge two highlights with a small white airbrush into the eye. (two or however many/few you want) Soften the blots then lower the opacity of the dodge layer. (Remember that highlights are often a combination of more than one degree of light, so sometimes you might want to dodge an area, then highlight within the highlight)

Use the smudge brush at a very fine setting to attack the eybrow - smudge down from the skin about the brow line, and up from the brow into the skin, to simulate hairs.

Random airbrushing set on low density, and smudging with a big brush to get a general shape.

Smudging with a fine brush to smooth the features over, and dodging a few white lines to show contours around the eye - lowering the opacity of the dodge layer. The eye is really finished somewhere around here, but I feel like continuing to play with it, so I do :)

Dodging a few highlights on the brows and the eyelashes using tiny white specs that have been attacked with the softening brush.

Softening the brows to muddle the harshness, and finally smudging (with a fine smudge brush) the highlights within the eye.

Yay! Randomly dodging a yellow blot in the center of the eye to give it spooky effect. Lining the eye with a darken layer and a black airbrush, erased at the edges to soften it.

If any of that doesn't make sense, feel free to post a question in the comments, here :) I hope that was helpful.

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