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An Elftown Fantasy Wiki!



Welcome to Elftown's Welcoming Committee!

We are the welcoming committee, particularly to welcome, of course, and then for assisting Elftown's new
members to become better acquainted with our wonderful community, Elftown. It is a much larger place than
may be realised by those of us whom have been here awhile and as with any unfamiliar territory, finding all
the places of importance and interest, can be just a tad mind boggling to a newcomer.

The intended goal is to help alleviate the aforementioned as much as possible in hopes to instill a sense of
belonging soon after people join and to help eliminate the 'lost' feeling many newcomers experience. In the
process additional benefits like new friendships, even romances, may be sparked and perhaps, Elftown will
become a closer knit, more widely, internally involved community.


Who may be a part of Elftown's Welcoming Committee? Any member of Elftown who is interested in actively
participating in this activity, may become a part of it. Although it would be an asset to know Elftown very well,
joining this committee basically requires a desire to assist new members with feeling welcome and offering to
them tips and good advice on how to become better acquainted with this community we love and share.

If you enjoy meeting new people, helping them and interacting with them, this may be something you could
feel to be a rewarding venture. It may require a test of patience from time to time, but then most anything
ventured into can.

Where does an interested member sign up? If you are interested in becoming actively involved, you may sign
up here: Welcoming-Committee_Sign-up.

Who should not sign-up? If you are an Elftown member who: only occasionally logs in, is already too busy with
other activities/interests, doesn't harbour patience to the degree that would be sometimes required, is not all
that thrilled about being a member here; then it is not recommended you become an initial part of this, but
everyone is always welcome to interact in a courteous and friendly manner with Elftown's members, particularly
new members, on: Welcoming_Chat-Wiki.

NOTE: Badges for the various roles involved shall be available soon.


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* = This page.

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2011-05-10 [Artsieladie]: Working on....

2011-07-06 [Stephen]: o.o'

... That's a lot of text.

2011-07-06 [Artsieladie]: This project is still a "work in progress". :o

2011-10-10 [Sir_Hans]: This is a lot of work! I never really knew just how MUCH Sharon, you have done for this site until I'm actually going to all the many pages. It blows my mind how much of yourself you have poured into this place. Wow! Unbelievably amazing! *HUG* ♥ XOX's

2011-10-13 [Stephen]: I know I've asked this elsewhere, but why are you speaking to a banned member who thus cannot see (or respond to) what you are saying to her?

2012-09-29 Hedda's Obsession!: Thank you very much Hans! *huge hugs* Yes, I surely did. If I had known way back in the early part of 2007 that the then vm already had it on her agenda to get rid of me and didn't much care how I was, and while she was still "pretending" to be my friend, I would have not bothered, especially since the owner has known this fact for a very long time as well, which is why he refuses to acknowledge placing the little, red heart in my badge slot the day after Valentine's Day, 2009. Certain people here, but especially the former vm, couldn't EVER know that it was he, so another person had to step in and make up a story that she did. Oh, but lies are difficult to keep tract of and then to repeat them the same every time, even more difficult. The truth is constant; lies and made up stories do change.

But she isn't the only one that's jealous, is she, Hans? How long was it from when the owner visited my guestbook on my website, to arriving at my Elftown house? ...and then signing me off of AOL? ...And all because you wrote this in my guestbook: "What would I do without you in my life? You complete me." I guess it was a bit too much for Hedda to bear. But the former vm mustn't know this either.

So all I did here, all I gave to and for this site and Elf12, and this is how someone who was totally devoted and dedicated, ultimately got treated, all because a former vm became jealous when she found out that the owner had an interest in me. Why else would she state that she didn't know what the owner saw in me anyway? ..And in the same conversation where she was directing her comments towards me in which she also said: "I don't care how she's gotten rid of as long as she is." (early 2007)

But I'm going to "publish" a lot of conversations (phone and other), messages, emails, diaries, guestbooks, forum postings, comments, etc., that I've saved so EVERYONE can see and know the truth. The only ones I will spare are those who are and have been honest with me. It's only fair I think, since my work has been stolen from me, my name and work are being slandered, and even though I'm not even on this site any longer, my privacy is still being invaded, but yet, I was told that if I just left, it would all stop. So "who" didn't know quite as much as they thought they did? No surprise though! Even though I've spent over $3000.00 to try and eradicate the privacy invasion, it's still going on, but yet all the so-called experts here knew sooooo much, now didn't they? pffffffft

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