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Fae/Faerie/Fairy, ect.

See also: FAE

Faeries, Fae, Dryads, Nymphs, Pixies, and Sprites, among many others - some have wings, some don't; some can fly, some can't (these two things aren't closely related, either, in many cases....); some live here, some commute, and some will only live in a world of eternal twilight. Some have great magical ability, some can only spray you with colorful, luminescent pixie-dust, then leave you coughing, while you dance wildly, whilst they flee; some live in trees(dryads), some wander eternally, on agendas unknown or unwritten. There are some humanoids that try to classify the faefolk that appear mainly in the wilderness, often near or around groups of fungi or plant-life....although it seems rather impossible, with the rapidly growing number. Some like to live in or near water....some adore flying through the coals of flaming campfires....still others exist as mists, or even frog- or insect-like creatures.
Nixies are insect-like faeries, pixies are cute little winged sparkly things, often playful and magical. Sprites, Faeries, etc.....there are too many.
Half-elemental spirits of nature often find themselves in this category, as well as that of Half-folk.
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