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Wolfie with Snow

by [Zab], featured 8th December 2008
Nominators: [Yncke], [iippo], [Stephen], [Calico Tiger] and [Triola]

In the words of one of her many nominators: "The wolf looks incredibly realistic, and the background with the light falling from the sky is just beautiful. All in all a very well-rendered picture :)" From the wonderful multicoloured and textured fur to the petal details on the flowers, we just have to agree that this is an extremely well rendered picture! Bravo [Zab]!!

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2008-12-09 [diavolitza18]: wow it

2008-12-15 [Tigger1217]: Great detail on the wolf likes great I love it

2008-12-23 [((lost))]: absolutely beautiful! It's great art like this that reminds me why i love browsing elftown :)

2009-01-04 [robinrobin]: I noticed this picture when I first joined Elftown. Very beautiful, i do not have the words to express.

2009-01-08 [pimpancakes]: lovely!

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