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31 January 2007

Nominator: [Lady Moon]



 "You affect the others around you. Even if they see you for just a second, you have become a part of them and they will reflect you in their lives. The closer you are, the better you will be remembered and the more you see of yourself in others." (quote retrieved from [Levoton]'s Elfwood Gallery)
  This picture is both grotesque and utterly beautiful. The fact that they are not "ideal" and the way our minds perceive merfolk allow you to look beyond and actually see the underlying message. I love the way you can see the bones through the skin and the sickly perfect way they mirror each other, like they are connected not only in body but also in soul. I absolutely adore this picture.

And we agree! Bravo [Levoton]!!! Thank you [Lady Moon] for nominating!

-- [Kyrinn], [Rook], [Yuriona] and [Teufelsweib]


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