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1 March 2007

Nominator: [Kiddalee]


'Angelic Musician'

[Kiddalee] had this to say about this artwork:
"I love this guitar-playing hippie seraph! The first thing I noticed about it was the lively colouring job. It caught my eye and made an impression. Also, when you look at the character, his pose and expression, you can see his life and soul, and know how he speaks and moves. He really does move like a laid back hippie type. Look closer, and the fact that he's a seraph (6-winged angel) gives it a twist of uniqueness in the world of angel art (which is dominated by 2-winged cherubs). Not to mention that you don't often see an angel as a street musician." 

and we fully agree! Very colorful, and definitely a unique take on the angelic musician!

Bravo [piro999]!!! Thank you [Kiddalee] for nominating!

-- [Kyrinn], [Rook], [Yuriona] and [Teufelsweib]
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