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At the end of the Rainbow

by [hannes], featured 4th March 2009
Nominators: [Linderel]

To photograph, to capture a moment, and what a moment this is. It looks like something one might see in a dream. We're very proud to make this the first featured art of march '09. It takes a lot of skill to take a photo like this and [hannes] certainly has skill. This piece is one of many from a very talented artist, we highly recommend a look.

-- [Kyrinn], [Yuriona], [Chimes] and [Teufelsweib]

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2009-03-05 [Hedda]: $ mplayer hammerfall/legacy.of.kings/06%20-%20Hammerfall%20-%20At%20The%20End%20Of%20The%20Rainbow.mp3
Clip info:
Title: At The End Of The Rainbow
Artist: Hammerfall
Album: Legacy of Kings

Here we are mighty glorious at the end of the Rainbow with gold in our hands <img:stuff/sing.gif>

I see where the inspiration came from... <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

The headline is obvious:

Swedish Tysk-Metal inspire Finnish photograph

Dio says "I'm not jealous! No not a bloody damn jealous at all! Everyone knows that it's my rainbow anyhow."

2009-03-12 [hannes]: *grin* sure, sure! the inspiration came from a swedish heavy metal band - because you can hear it played in the mountains of sweden. this photo was taken in the kebnekaise-area of lapland, northern sweden. ;)

(to be honest, i didn't know that song.. :D)

2009-03-13 [Hedda]: I don't let facts destroy a sensational headline! <img:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif>

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