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Greetings Everyone!

By [Artsieladie] © 2011</center>

Hello, everyone! :) Sharon Donnelly is my real name. Online I am known as "Artsie_ladie", which can be
in several variations, such as: *Artsie_ladie*, Artsie_ladie, Artsieladie, ArtsieLadie, and Artsie-ladie.

I am VERY protective of my online name, because my daughter, [bluefarie], came up with this name for
me when I first began using a computer (2005) and venture out onto the world-wide-web. As she put it:

"Mom, you are an 'artsy' person and you are very much a 'lady', so "Artsy Lady" fits you perfectly. But instead
of spelling it as most would, I think making it uniquely spelled would be fitting as well, because you are also a
very unique person. So how about: "Artsie ladie"? To make it a little fancier, add asterisks and an underscore,
like this: *Artsie_ladie*."

So this is how my online name came to be and originally here on Elftown, the very first website I joined,
which my daughter also introduced me to, it was complete with the asterisks and underscore. But now
most of the time, it is either all one word: "Artsieladie" or just with the underscore inserted between the
two words: "Artsie_ladie".

But however it is, it's "my" name. In fact some people in my real life, call me "Artsieladie" or even just
"Artsie". Since it represents yours truly and my creative side particularly, the core of my being, I will to the
nines defend it, should ANYONE attempt to smear it, especially unjustly and for no damn good OR valid
reason, like [Hedda], aka Henrik Wallin, has done AND for doing NOTHING WRONG, which HE STATED!!
..And he did so as part of his wonderful appreciation for all that I have done for him and his sites! ..And all
because I first suspected, then questioned his "I spy" activity, which I have now since collected oodles of
evidence that points to him as the "invader of my privacy".

..And by the way folks, he even told me that I should ask him about anything I didn't understand. I did.
He then berated and insulted me even further and threw the mention of my daughter in my face for good
measure as part of his insulting message. He is such a gem! If I ever get my hands on the alien mold that
enabled his wonderful presence onto this earth, I'll be sure to make it so no other like it can ever, ever be
made.. again! (A twist of science fiction to try and maintain a tad of humour, because without a little sense
of humour, I would have gone off the deep end by now after what I've been subjected to for nearing four
years now.)


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May God Bless You and Have a Great Day!

May the love of God always touch and live within your heart!

<i>By [Artsieladie]

All creativity on this site created by yours truly is copyrighted to [Artsieladie], aka Sharon Donnelly.
It may NOT be used without my expressed, written permission. To contact yours truly:

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