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*Artsie's* Priv' Wikis' Index

To Elftown!

...[Artsie_ladie]'s Little Corner...

...of the land of fantasy and science fiction!
Combined with Artsie_ladie's Websites.



            All of my work belongs to ME!
            No stealin' of these or my glory!
            If there's work from another's brush or pen
            The rights then ...belong to THEM!

All creativity: art, photos, poetry, etc. posted on these listed wiki-pages is (©) copyrighted
and BELONGS to [Artsie_ladie], aka Sharon Donnelly
. Any reproduction and/or alteration
of is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN without the expressed written consent of said copyright owner.
All rights reserved to the same, UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED!!!

BELONG TO [Artsie_ladie], aka Sharon Donnelly,
which means: I ALONE have the say in regards to it ALL, period!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
[Artsie_ladie]'s Official Home Site:
To contact: <>
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


*Artsie's Love of Animals*:

Includes for/about:
<img:> ~ Artsie's Pets.
<img:> ~ Pet Rescue.

A new site for and about pets and rescue coming soon!</center>


*Artsie_ladie's* Art:

Includes for/about:
<img:> ~ Cats and Dogs.
<img:> ~ Horses and Other Animals.
<img:> ~ My Colouring Books:
   <img7*0:> ~ "An Easter Surprise"
   <img7*0:> ~ "Rocky Rooster Finds His Importance"


*Artsie_ladie's* Art 2:

Includes for/about:
<img:> ~ Christian and Contests.
<img:> ~ Fantasy and Miscellaneous.
<img:> ~ Teddy Bears and Unicorns.</center>


*Artsie_ladie's* Poetry:

Current Total: 160 poems!
Includes for/about:
<img:> ~ Holidays and Children.
<img:> ~ Fantasy and Realism.
<img:> ~ Variety of Emotions.
<img:> ~ Variety of Topics.


Artsie's poetry can also be found among:

A fantasy poem/story; Elftown based!
A rendition of a "Talking Teddy Bear!
For and about my family and friends!
<img:> ~ *Artsie_ladie's* Story/Poem Fantasy
<img:> ~ A Teddy Bear's Revelation
<img:> ~ *Artsie's* Family & Friends

       <img:> ~ *Artsie's* Pegasus - The Great Winged One ~ <img:>
                  A PRIVATE set of wiki-pages about Pegasus. Includes:
<img7*0:> ~ "The Birth of Pegasus"
<img7*0:> ~ My poetry about Pegasus
<img7*0:> ~ My Pegasus related graphics.
<img7*0:> ~ Elftown links about Pegasus.</center>


*Artsie's* Stories:

Abridged: Elftown Prose Contest~#2
Unabridged: Elftown Prose Contest~#3
A written Work in Progress.
<img:> ~ "Funtosee, the Dwarf"
<img:> ~ "Funtosee, the Dwarf, the Unabridged"
<img:> ~ "My Neighbour's Secret Life Enriched My Soul!"
<img:> ~ "The Magic Of The Unicorn"


Artsie's Miscellaneous Wiki-pages:

The 7th Child Phenomenon
Elftown Scrapbook (empty)
Helpful Information
Just For Fun!
Non-important Facts
Elftown Treasures
Wikis Have Joined
Graphics By Artsie: 8034*
Commitment, Devotion, Dedication
<img:> ~ 7th Child Of 7th Child
<img:> ~ *Artsie_ladie's* Elftown Scrapbook
<img:> ~ *Artsie's* Found & Fruitful Info
<img:> ~ *Artsie_ladie's* Fun Stuff
<img:> ~ *Artsie_ladie's* NIF
<img:> ~ *Artsie's* Found Treasures
<img:> ~ *Artsie_ladie's* Wikis Joined
<img:> ~ Elftown Graphics *Artsie_ladie*
<img:> ~ For The L♥ve Of A Community - Elftown!




Wiki-pages for the Elftown Community:

Created and/or built by [Artsie_ladie]!
Add Your Birthday!
Editing Assistance For Elftowners.
Concept, Built, Created by Artsie!*
Share Some Emails!
Lovers Of Teddybears!
<img:> ~ Birthdays On Elftown
<img:> ~ Editing Assistance - Elftown
<img:> ~ Elftown Dreamers' Contest
<img:> ~ Sharing E-mails
<img:> ~ Teddy Bear Lovers


*Artsie's* Contest Workpage:
* ~ This contest IS MY CONCEPT and MY WORK and therefore, MINE!
The Council had no business nor right stealing it away from me and taking it over, especially as
underhandedly as was done, which was right after I was banned by the "darling [Hedda]" FOR
DOING NOTHING WRONG, as he stated so himself, but a nice "birthday present" for someone
at MY expense! Also, when [Hedda] addressed the Council in the crew forum, right after he had
banned me and took out my little, red heart, which he placed in my badge slot on 2009-02-15
when he delivered my Inspector's Badge, instigated the crew to take-over MY contest!

Here on Elftown, this is how things are done? If a regular member had done the same, taken
something of someone else's and claimed it as their own work, it would have been considered
as a violation of the Elftown Rules. This is a classic example of "double standards" and "do as
we say, but not as we do", not to mention a very poor way to represent a group of people who
are supposed to make sure the rules are adhered to, and by ALL. Such classless, low, immoral,
and unethical behaviour, but yet, the crew expects the greater community to what, like them?
Respect them? Trust them? Sing their praises?

The shame of it, however, is, not all crew and/or guards are like this, but because of a few bad
apples and their bad attitudes, which are also very influential with the good apples unfortunately,
the whole group gets a poor rating, and the majority of the general community are and have
been left with a very bad taste in their mouth; MANY, MANY of which have left Elftown as a result.


Elftown's Elftron is supported by member donations!


DONATE to Elftown: --> <URL:donate.html>

           Become one of the Donors of Funds:           

<img:> ~ To help offset the cost of maintaining Elftron.
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                                                  ~ About ~                                                  

Elftown is a wonderful community for lovers and fanciers of fantasy and science fiction!
♥ - For artists, photographers, role-players, writers...
    ...and those that admire and appreciate fine creativity:
♥ - To gather, mingle, and collaborate with others or individually...
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♥ - To meet, make friends with those of similar interests...
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There are NO limits on Elftown for the number of:
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The art and photos members upload:
<img9*0:> ~ May be viewed in full size!
<img9*0:> ~ May be uploaded and kept as PNGs!
        <img9*0:> ~ May be kept private or made public!
<img9*0:> ~ May be up to approximately ten (10) megabytes!


                                                  ~ Visitors To Elftown! ~                                                  

<img9*0:> ~ Elftown hopes you have enjoyed visiting: exploring, viewing, and reading!
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<img9*0:> ~ Elftown is a social community of and for people who love fantasy and science fiction!
<img9*0:> ~ Elftown is a creative community of artists, photographers, roleplayers, and writers!
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May God Bless You and Have a Great Day!

May the love of God always touch and live within your heart!

<i>By [Artsieladie]
Thank you for stopping by! Feel free to drop back in again!

All creativity on this site, including but not limited to, the art, writing, poetry, ideas/concepts, etc.,
created and brought forth by [Artsieladie], aka Sharon Donnelly, is therefore owned by/copyrighted
to the same, its creator, unless otherwise stated by [Artsieladie], Sharon Donnelly. It may NOT be
used, copied, modified/altered, reproduced, or anything else in any way, shape, or form for ANY rea-
son whatsoever without the expressed, written permission of its owner/creator PER ITEM, including
the graphics made by yours truly, [Artsieladie], nearly 11,000 of, uploaded to this site. There are to

For a more extensive, to the point, explanatory set of guidelines that must be adhered to, in regards to
the creativity made/owned by [Artsieladie], aka Sharon Donnelly, as to how it may and may not be used
and shared, please see:


To contact yours truly:
Text ONLY emails! NO attachments! NO hyper-links or urls of questionable origin. Non-compliance means deletion!
[Artsieladie]'s Official Home Site:

Thank you!

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2005-12-29 [Fizban]: [Disclaimer: All art, photos, & poetry posted on these pages is copywritten to me] [Artsieladie]. [All rights reserved to me, aka Sharon Donnelly], UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED!!!---------excuse me!? I though you didnt like putting your name up here at all...

2005-12-29 [Fizban]: HAH!! lols...thats funny, well arlighty then heh.

2007-07-31 [Dark Side of the Moon]: *haunts wikis*

2012-11-15 Cesar: Sorry, but this is not a reply about the 10ft. kiwi . I could not find where to contact you otrsewihe although I did explore your site . Loved the article on the gay lovers however I really appreciate the information regarding digital audio on the VPR Matrix . It is unimaginable how much time and expense and frustration your efforts have saved me .Hope we can jam one day, I am a classic rock base player . Can't thank you enough, Regards, Ed.

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