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Welcome everybody!

What is Elfchat?
Elfchat is a place for Elftowners to have a chat. This here Elfchat wikipage is just an information page.
If you want to chat on a wikipage right now, head to Now.

How do I get there?
Well, there are two options.
You can use the Java applet at <URL:> to connect to the chat channel, or you can use the Mibbit IRC widget.
Or, you can install a IRC client yourself. See Elfchat Technical Information.

What do I do there?
You can say hello, ask people to comment on your art and talk about the weather in Popolopia and [Isilando]'s beard.

It seems awfully quiet.
Elfchatters are from all over the world. It could be that some of the people in the room are sleeping at the moment, or just busy. Sometimes you get a reply within minutes, and sometimes everybody sleeps for half a day.
Think of Elfchat as faster than a forum and slower than MSN.

So that's it?
Yep, pretty much. But please keep reading for more details.

How to get to Elfchat

The easy way:
1) Read the rest of the pages and come back later, it will help you.
2) Click here: <URL:> (or here: Mibbit IRC widget). This will run a java applet. Click "run" if it asks what to do.
3) Change your nickname. You can do so in the lower right box.
4) Say something nice and wait or go do something else until you get a reply.

The better way:
1) Get an IRC client.
2) Connect to
3) Join #Elftown.
These steps are detailed in Elfchat Technical Information.

Remember behaviour

* Don't be an asshole.
* Use your best English.
* Be patient.

Assholes usually flood the channel (typing nonsense in order to make it more difficult for the rest to communicate), keep repeating things, tire others with private messages about their personal websites, write with irritating colours in order again to make communicating difficult, beg for ops etc.
People who act this way will be banned from the channel until they decide to behave.

You should not come to show off how much you can abuse the English language or insulting people. We recommend that you leave the abbreviations and bad grammar to the ones who wish to solve riddles; we want to talk, not to decrypt your messages. We won't lynch you if English is not your mother tongue or you have problems with spelling, but you should at least try to write understandably. It is OK, we all make typos. It's just that you just shouldn't be typing with your butt.

Speaking of typos, some of us are spelling nazis. Do not feel attacked or offended when someone corrects your little (or big) errors. It happens often, you should only learn from it. :)

Links and further information

Using Elfchat: chat commands and other information on how to use the chat.

Elfchat Technical Information: instructions on how to get an IRC client, how to connect and how to register your nickname.

Elfchat Frequenters: Get an idea about who you might meet in ElfChat.

The forum: <joinforum:312:irc> (Elfchat - Questions and Reports). If you need help, feel free to ask in the forum. Or in the comments of these wikipages, whatever works.

Elfchat Quotes: <URL:>
They are amusing.


Go or return to:
-The wiki-index
-The help index
-The ElfChat Bosses

Username (or number or email):


2008-08-09 [zepher]: Please read the first 4 lines on the page.

Oh, and eat fruit!

2009-04-07 [Maketsu]: Is this the elfchat? Hellouuu?

2009-04-07 [Maketsu]: Yes, I found it! Good to see you guys again.

2009-04-07 [Maketsu]: Linderel: Don't be so uptight. We are having a good chat here.

2009-04-07 [Maketsu]: In my opinion azzurra and espernet are similarly faulty with the nickserv function. Why not use the norm, ircnet.

2009-06-05 [cyanidewolf]: UMM HI?

2009-06-05 [zepher]: Maketsu: One is as bad as the other, I would say.
Cyan: Please read the page

2009-06-05 [Linderel]: At least Esper isn't as bitchy. :P

2009-06-23 [hanhepi]: maybe if the really easy link, the one, was up there, more people would use it?

2009-06-23 [zepher]: Good point.
Never realised it the old link was so... different.

2010-04-28 [Biokinetic]: Wow, it's almost like the old _elftown chat channel on spinchat. Cool x3

2010-08-26 [Nioniel]: The link for Now! leads to an empty page...

2010-08-26 [Veltzeh]: Dang, there wasn't an exclamation mark there after all. :o

2010-08-26 [Nioniel]: Nope. ^^

2011-03-02 [zepher]: Mibbit, mibbit

2011-05-18 [Mortified Penguin]: This wiki is ranked funnier than Maze of Guile? Not only am I insulted and enraged, but I'm also aroused for some reason.

2011-05-30 [zmak12]: hi

2014-01-30 [Mortified Penguin]: Howdy there.

2014-01-30 [Sunrose]: Hiii!

2014-01-30 [Mortified Penguin]: STOP YELLING AT ME.

2014-01-30 [Sunrose]: What do you want? :P

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