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Golden Promise - Pegasus




"Pegasus - The Golden Promise"

- Soaring across the universe,
        Thoughout our galaxy afar,
        Spread wide your golden wings,
        More amazing than a star!
§2 - The stars are mere stepping stones,
        Each planet a place to land,
        But when you visit earth,
        Thy presence shall be grand.
§3 - The shimmering of your wings,
        As they reflect each golden ray;
        Even old man sun will smile,
        With the trumpet of your neigh.
- The clouds aloft so honoured,
        By golden hooves been kissed,
        Shall release their magic dew drops,
        An array of enchanted mist.
§5 - Multitudes of sparkling prisms,
        Will unite in an arc across the sky.
        Thy great Pegasus to soar over,
        Gracefully on golden wings you'll fly.
§6 - As you, thy gallant steed,
        O'er the vast rainbow glide,
        A promise forever golden
        Shall be written far and wide!

<i>Written by [Artsieladie], aka Sharon Donnelly © 2009-12-21</i>
<i>Art and poem by [Artsieladie], aka Sharon Donnelly   </i>
<i>Poem: © 2009-12-21  Art: © 2009-12-20 (Golden Promise Pegasus)</i>


Brief description in regards to my "Golden Promise Pegasus":
This Pegasus artwork is my "Golden_Promise_Pegasus". As I was creating him, the idea of the rainbow
in the sky, which he could be jumping over, continually invaded my thoughts, along with a fantasy story
that has been deeply rooted in my mind and imagination for quite some time and one so profoundly
inspired by one individual and so, to whom this story is solely dedicated to...

"The Beauty Within"

Oh, great King, Aikanáro be thy name,
Have seen your mighty strength, been singed by your flame.
With an air of arrogance, a mountain full of pride,
A thicket of projections methodically applied;
High upon a pedestal, although up there alone,
You present yourself to which no one can atone.

But, you cannot hide what's deep within, concealed,
In spite intentions driven, for magic has revealed
A warm heart beating, romantically inclined,
Kind, gentle, yet strong, with an independent mind.

Only one that cares enough to pursue beyond your cover,
Will appreciate the soul within, be pleased to discover,
The elements of a rogue are just a masterful disguise,
But for a true believer, the reflections in your eyes
Speak in silence clearly, to tell a different tale,
For a rose lies in waiting, its beauty to unveil.

When the day has come, in the mirror you do see,
The greatest power within you has yet to be set free,
It is then you will be granted, a power unsurpassed,
And the darkness in your heart shall be out forever cast.

<i>Written by [Artsieladie], aka Sharon Donnelly © 2011-01-11 02:20:47</i>


Since the rainbow is a symbolism of God's Promise that He will never again flood the earth, I wanted to
relate with this concept, grasping the intensity and conviction, but with a promise of a different nature,
the bonding of two spirits, a union of magic so profound, nothing could ever undermine, influence, or
overcome it.

Please refer to The_Magic_Of_The_Unicorn for further details.

For the explanation of that which brought forth his name, please see: Christ-mas_Pegasus.


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