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In Elftown, everyone can do something to help or contribute to the community. You can create wiki-pages that explain how to draw dragons, or pages for meeting like-minded people. Everyone can report members that don't follow the uploading art rules or who just aren't behaving. Check out Elftown - Contribution and Contribute for all the various ways in which you can help our community.

But some people want - and have the time - to help in bigger ways; by maintaining official Competitions, or running projects like the ECM, or even helping with some of the features on Main Street. Of course, if we spot people like that ourselves then we're happy to let them join our ranks without them having to apply. But there are only a few of us, and many of us are busy doing all the fore-mentioned things! So if you have the time, and really want to help out, then this page is here to help you get our attention, and to help us find the people who are prepared to dedicate lots of their time to running Elftown without any reward!

Here is your chance to get the power, badges and all other fancy stuff that really shouldn't be the reason for applying to the crew!


What you need to do

1) You need a good general knowledge of Elftown. If you can't handle almost everything about forums, polls, wiki-pages and don't know the Elftown rules very well, then don't apply yet.
- If you don't know at least most of the pseudo HTML, don't apply.
- If you don't know how to use the forums, don't apply.
- If you're not planning on using the forums, don't apply.
- If you're not sure of the rules, don't apply.

2) You need to be able to read and write English well.
- Dun typ lyke dis
- We don't require perfect English, but you have to at least be able to use legible English that others can easily understand.

3) Your goals for Elftown should agree with Elftown's. If you want to go berserk on everyone who looks ugly, then don't apply!
- Crew members have to be at least somewhat nice and professional.
- Crew members need to be able to keep a cool control over their emotions during discussions.
- Crew members should be able to make unbiased decisions without putting their friends' first in situations.

4) You should have proven yourself. As written above, you don't need any permission to do most stuff here on Elftown. Even if you only have created the Big Boobs Dragon Competition, are running the forum "Medieval fencing" that no one uses and have written a subpar report, it's better than someone who just says they can do all this, but never has.
- Write in forums! Use them, if only to comment on Main Street news and say hello.
- Enter contests, official or non-official.
- Be nice and helpful to other members; answer questions they may ask on wiki-pages.
- Create wiki-pages, show that you know how to use the site's HTML.

5) You should explain what you will do as a member of the crew and for how long. Note: We don't want newbies that get all excited by Elftown for a month and then will get tired of it. Therefore, people who have been for a long time, are generally better.
- We want to know what you can bring to the Elftown Crew that we don't have currently.
- We want to know what you're good at, your talents, and what you think you'd be best at.
- We want to know what official jobs you think we should give you.
- Do NOT try to apply to be one of the following: Guards, Wiki Bosses, Mayor, ViceMayor or Magicians!
  - We appreciate your enthusiasm and desire to help out, but the above positions are only held by members who are already on the Crew and have earned a considerable amount of trust in addition to their trained experience.

6) You should be able to get along with the sullen assholes in the crew, and have a great patience with people.
- The Council doesn't really like suck ups.
- No one likes assholes, narcissists or intolerable people.
- This doesn't mean you have to be friends with or even like everyone, just be able to get along regardless.
- Patience is a virtue that you must possess.

7) You should think this is fun!

8) If you can come up with an eighth point, it shows that you have ideas. We like ideas! If you can be someone with ideas and who will carry them out then you're set.
- Ideas are good!
- However, people who can take an idea and put it on a page are even better.



There is no deadline! This goes on forever and good applications get picked at any time. If you aren't chosen, that can be because we're not so sure about you or that we just don't need more help right now. However, we can change our minds if you help us (see Sorting, below).


Sorting and tips

Your application will be put in one of the three sections: high, medium or low.

Low means your application and/or membership needs a lot of improvement before we can consider you.
What to do: Try to fulfill the requirements listed above, correct your spelling and make sure you are following the Uploading Art Rules.

Medium means your application is OK in the basics, but there could be things you can improve.
What to do: Think of making your application more interesting, contributing to the community, participating in the forums or reporting UAR-violators. Members with a note have a shot at 'high' if they follow what the note says.

High is the short-list from which we pick new crew members. This is a slow process because crew newbies need someone to mentor them and something to do (otherwise they might get confused or bored and leave).
What to do: Look around for places and projects that need more crew love, or think of new things the crew should take care of (and why). Hang out in the Elftown, {something} forums (Newbie Questions, Suggestions etc.). Volunteer to help wherever you can be helpful. And, of course, don't be shy to update and improve your application page - but leave a note on this page if you do, so we can re-evaluate your application! :)

General guidelines
Remember that the amount of text does not making something better. However showing proper (British) English, your interests and your work on Elftown does. Be clear and concise; try to stand out from the other applicants.

Be actives on the wiki, in forums or as a patroller. Show off your efforts in making Elftown better will help to make you stand out.

We will not explain what exactly is wrong with an application if it is missing something, if we have something to say then you'll hear from us. Also, please do not message Crew members asking for an opening in a position; you may however ask them what the work they do entails.

If your house is inactive for forty (40) days or more your application will be moved to inactive member applications.



Examples of successful applications:

[Nioniel] - A Phoenix Rising for Council!
[Chel.] - Woohoo! Chel for Crew!
[Flisky] - Just wanna help
[Thunder Cid] - Thunder Cid for the Crew
[wicked fae mage] - wicked fae mage's resume
[Rice] - Keyser's Crew Application
[Lord Josmar] - Lord Josmar's Bid for Dominion
[Ravendust] - Raven's Crew Campaign
[Stephen] - Stephen for Council





[Lakayana] - amazing campaign
[kians mummy] - sammie h for crew -Big update: 2013-03-19


How to apply?

Add the link to your campaign-wiki-page at the bottom of the page!

Example: [Hedda] - hedda for mayor

[The Black Goat] - Nox for Crew and Council
[Sagacious Turkey] - That Turkey Guy for Retired Crew

Username (or number or email):


2014-01-27 [kians mummy]: No, drama over

2014-01-27 [kians mummy]: Off to Bob's diner fancy a pint of.........

2014-01-27 [Nioniel]: A lot of comments must have been deleted, because it looks like you're all arguing with yourselves. :P

2014-01-27 [kians mummy]: Ha Ha I removed them as I decided it was inapropiate. :)

2014-03-08 [Stephen]: Some things never do change.

I'm still interested in being on the Elftown Council, by the way. I'm also active again, since I'm no longer ill. =P

2014-07-17 [Stephen]: [DarkJenni], [Roma] and [XxTsomexX]:
Your applications were moved to inactive member applications.

2014-09-11 [kians mummy]: Oh mine is still here, thought it would of gone haha x

2014-09-12 [Stephen]: =P

2014-09-12 [kians mummy]: Been so long, dont know whats wrong with it, but oh well, all i can do is offer the help, even if it meant staying at priv 90 and no badge, just want something to do lol

2014-09-15 [Stephen]: Sammie (and anyone else interested), here's the best advice I can give you:

Saying what you can do is very different from showing us what you can do. Asking to help is always nice, but sometimes we can't think up something right away for you to do and a lot of official work requires privs.

The best way to make a point about how well you work, is by proving it. Go and chat in the public forums, show us you know how to use forums and how to interact with people. Make wikipages - nice and friendly pages ideally. They don't have to be official, or mock official. If you can create a page that gets positive attention and feedback, then that shows us that you know how to attract people, how to work on the wiki's, and all kinds of other points.

Without being able to show us that you can do something, and how you're able to do it, then you're going to make very little progress.

Also, Sammie, in personal regards for you: We know you have titles on other Hedda sites (I'm keenly aware, I appointed them to you.), but that doesn't show how you do on Elftown, which has different dynamics. Otherwise, saying you do all kinds of things on other sites without showing a lot of things you do on Elftown, just makes it look like you're too focused on those sites to be able to help with Elftown. :)

2014-09-15 [kians mummy]: Yeah, I understand, but you out of all people on here know I can do good, the other Heddate sites are dead, I want to help Elftown survive and thrive.

2014-09-15 [Stephen]: The other sites aren't dead. o_O
Fake's doing just as well as Elftown and even Elfpack isn't dead, it's just boring. :P

It's not what I know, it's what you can prove you can do. Ideally we're looking for people who can bring new and interesting aspects to Elftown and the Crew and can create and maintain projects on Elftown. =P

2014-09-15 [kians mummy]: Yeah I understand.

2014-10-23 [Sagacious Turkey]: Application submitted. I hope you guys will think about considering me for consideration. It would be considerate. Just consider it.

2014-10-23 [hanhepi]: Consider it considered, sometime considerably in the future, considering how quick we are to file these. :D

2015-06-15 [Sagacious Turkey]: I think at this point, I can probably get away with just considering it myself.

2015-06-16 [hanhepi]: We're still debating it, so just hold your horses on sorting yourself, okay? :P

2015-06-16 [Sagacious Turkey]: But they won't stop squirming. D:


2015-06-17 [hanhepi]: XD
Horses are squirmy bastards for sure. That's why it's such a challenge to hold them. Plus, they're heavy as hell.

2015-06-17 [kians mummy]: Lol.

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