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If you have taken a sign, please sign-up here. :)

1. [fjdka] YAY! I'M FIRST!
2. [bigger bitch] these things are so cute!!!
3. [The Past] They're all so BEAUTIFUL I wish I could get one of each, but luckily I must say mine (cancer) looks the most evil X-D
4.[J Kale] Libra-y goodness :D
5.[kabutali] ah~. :3 just when I was feeling hungry too. (leo)
6.[riddle_holic] Awesome Libra!
7.[Skw3rlch4n] I'm a Cancer! Hooray for emotional manipulators!! :D
8.[Once upon a dream] is a stubborn taurus ^^
9.[BlackOnyx Raven] Awsom Virgo, so cute
10.[Raesha] i be a libra... the pic is soooo cute!
11.[Erubeus] A Taurus ^^
12.[Vou] Cancer.
13.[Junko987]: I am a Sagitarius! I ♥ Pink Floyd
14.[Faulty Limerence] Pisces, for when you're just too good for reality.
15.[PnkShpGnWld] I am dun dun dun.. Leo!
16.[TEDYBER].......ya i know i'm a guy but ya know what i dont care they kick ass....ARIES
17.[The Heartless Angel] im a sagittarius
18.[Frivalicious] An Aquarius dropping by... :P
19.[XxTsomexX] the first scorpio up here...
20.[Ark angel of heaven and hell] I am an evil looking Cancer...sweet...
21.[kirishima_kun] a proud and lordly lion till the end lol we truly kick ass
22. [SpiritOfTheWater] Virgo-ness- The lover ^_^
23.[Clowd Electric]deadly cancer
24. [Lin-tastic] A gut-ripping Leo with no moralistic veiws as far as being a canable...~_^
25. [Chel.] Cancers pwn...
26. [MisLuck] The cow maniac scorpio, every Taurus has my drool on them now! :D
27.[Koho Ai] Aries also known as the god of war.
28. [Konobi] Duel minded, and easily persuaded. Pisces is highly influenced...
29. [Artsy] Knowledge and emapathetic, Libras <3 balance.
30. [Caterin S.] the marvelous, the magical, the amazing... *dum dum dum* LEO.
31. [Natuka] the laid back but dumb Libra.dont ask me how much i weight!!!!>_<
32: [Zab] Scorpio! :D
33. [if i followed you home would you keep me] el torro
34. [Kai Crewger] My sign is also a disease, how cool is that?
35.[the forgotten's shadows] My sign is the twins
36. [xKILLxSMILEx] Iam a scorpio!
37. [lyubomir] I am Libra
38. [™+.fataly . gorgeous.+] uh...whoo?
39. [ecir89] I love the Libra!
40. [IonicRose] i am an awesome virgo not to menchin crazy lol just joking the virgo is awesome though
41. [Zammy-Elf] Well, I'm typical libra. Always going round and round...
42. [evil beavle] I'm glad I'm a virgo ^^ I like that pic the most ^^
43. [Titus (Cammy)] lol, First depiction of Libra that makes me proud to be a Libra.
44. [Little Insane Cat] it's so hard to find a good Libra representation X3 but this one i like ^_^
45. [Hybrid66] I'm a gemini ^_^
46. [silent_voice] CANCER!
47. [small and mighty] im a leo baby RAWR!
48. [the loved wolf] scorpio all the way baby!!!
49. [Nocternity S.] Horns!
51. [Sticky Pistol] Cancer is it :)
52. [Coldfire1]
53. [KimikoT] - Taurus!!
54. [Yuichi♥] =]
55. [Nephthys] Leo please!!!! ^_^
66. [originigiro]CANCER PATIENT!
57. [Tragedy In Trend] Water is a Passion! Aquarius Queen!
58. [Lolli Love] Libra i have balance ^^
59. [~username~] Leo Baby!!
59. [Speak no evil.] Cancer.
60. [Soul Eraser]
61. [Tynuka-Rhytishy]
62. [Child of Bastet] Virgo my dear ^^
63. [Kiss My Sass] Leo all the way!
64. [ljkfdjgklhdfjke efhejf] VIRGO POWA!
65. [BloodLusting Elf] Capricorn is the bomb!
66. [Bright Eyed Rogue] Gemini!!!!
67. [*DaRk tinkerbell*] i'm very virgo!
68. [broken beauty] capricorn babie!!!
69. [Expensive Fidelity] Yay for teh Geminis! Wh0t0t!
70. [Duke Devlin] ^^ Wootness for all the Aquarius' out there!!!
71. [Taxicab Messiah] Bulls all the way!
72. [alli.DEADFAYCE.]- an awesome cellist thats an aries
73. [Leelo]~~~~~~ ARIESSSSS!!
74. [Eiri Yuki] Fala i am an aquarius
75. [Tickle Me Emo] is a Saggitarius, yowzers!
76. [shafin] Gemini ^_^
77. [Meison] leo. thanks.
78. [cookyfluke] Capricorn!!! Thank you so much <3
79. [Neon Tiger] Libby <3
80. [InsanityAngel] Virgo and i dont care what ppl say
81. [grape jelly] Leo is so much better! haha... joking
82. [The clown under your bed] Scorpio forever!
83. [Jeccabee] cute n crazy Aries!
84. [Tingis] Virgo
85. [Changer] Scorpio
86. [The Last Dragoon] I'm an Aquarius ^>^
87. [Ryu-tenshi] I'm a virgo.... go me...
88. [Wish Fix] I'm a TWIN. YAY!
89. [Naomi] Woo go leos
90. [.Anti-Juliet.] Of course I'm an aquarius!
91. [blueshippo] Yay! Cancers!
92. [Eyelash-Wishes] Cancer!!
93.[unbeliever]I'm a crazy virgo ppl
94. [Kitailec] I'm a Gemini. ^___^ That doesn't seem very common on this page currently.
95.[Sidewalk Suzy]Capricorn
96. [aurodi] is a Leo! yeah baby!
97.[You Make Me Smile :)]...virgo baby!
98. [empty_soul].. hell yeah scorpio!!
99. [Omaru}]*Signs*
100.[forever is never forever] Ooo, I'm number 100, cool, okay, LEO, please. Thanks.
101. [AuroraLumos] Taurus WHOOT!
102.~*~Juz A Forgotten Memory~*~ Taurus hellz yea
103. [Hannicakes.] Aww my Libra one is amazing. I love the Loli style to them ^^!
104. [Todd van elslande]I'm a lovely leo RAWR!! hehe
105. [Acid_Lullaby] sexy aquarius...^^
106. [enToxication]im the "virgin" virgo
107.[chelle RocKs]- im an awesome aries! woot
108.[Maulok Hukun] yay
109.[Aoshi Shinomori]i am leo hear me meow.
110.[Hikaru Hitachiin] Wow, I must say for once I am proud of being a Sagittarius.
111. [Aimi_Vollfied] a sagittarius and proud of it
112. [Aztyn Korlin] Pisces
113. [xX Doomed Vampire Doll Xx] Capricorn
114. [Frost_Tears] Leo *RAWR*
115. [Saiyuki Nano] ish a tauras.
116. [Rook.] Proud Capricorn
117. [¡Soy Bekah!] scorpio
118. [your exotic nightmare] Proud to be an Aquarius!
119. [Kye Hatake] Proud to be a stealthy Scorpio!
120. [The Dark Wolf]
121. [Titanium Tiger] Im an awsome aries!
122.[samejii] Super split Gemini!
123.[absent-minded] yayy fishies ftw!
124.[xXMewCatXx] im a sagittarius
125.[Line Viper] I be taurus! the mean and grouchy bull
126.[Jundiya]libra rawr
127.[elfflower1989] Cancerous ^^
128.[Chishio] Pisces!!!!!!!! the fishy!
129.[DeathdealerXIII] Virgo (yay) ^_^
130.[the virus that ails u]rawr leo
131. [OMERTA] Cancer Bitches
132. [i am mudkip] scorpio
133. [morgan nynaeve] Gemini Darling ;)
134. [*Incompertus*] Cancer
135. [L (And How May I Help You?)] I'm a friggin awsome Taurus!
136.[x-tacy] im a capricorn !!
137. [Lithium Lullaby] Virgo ^_^
138. [Lynyrd Zeppelin] Leo!!!!!
139.[LinkTurrner] SCORPIO
140.[HardRockAngel] Cancer. And loving it ^^
141.[Ripley Carter] Gemini
142. [Wish_Alley] Leo
143. [VivaciousVixen] Capricorn! Absolutely love the sign! Nothing cuter!
144. [Deleted1906721] Virgo♡
145. [Aiae Bailey] Scorpio Hardcore and cute, I'm loving it!
146. [anime manga luver] Gemini cuties!
147. [Fudos] Cancer... no seriously. I have cancer of my spleen. No really, I'm only kidding.
148. [My Chemical Erin] even though, I think its more "cutesy" than the others, it has to go on my page (I'm a pisces btw)
149. [Ariana's Veil] Cancer!!!!
150. [LunaWolfDragon] Cancer
151 [Simple Sadies] SAGITTARIUS
152 [imsdal] leo
153.[Angelis Nightfall] Pisces ^__^
154. [paige.ilien.] cancerrr. with the tattoo to prove it :)
155. [wreckless]
156. [Astrid.] Aries all the way(:
157. [Aquariuscelesti a] cancer;P
158.[niame] virgos are sexy^^
159.[JINKS MAN] Gemini Rocks!!!
160. [Ari Miharu] Libras are emolicious!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
161. [Windborne] Virgos ususally get the crappiest icons, but this one rocks. :D
162. [Lord Squid] capricorn, the goat, and the squid, squidigoat
163.[wicked fae mage] Leos are awesome zebra eaters!
164. [Roma] Gemini. And Capricorn is the sea-goat, otherwise known as the hippocampus. Squid have tentacles.
165. [usmc girlfriend] capricorn are really sexy goats
166. [July 47] scoripo i will sting
167. [ZeoOfFire] Capricorn, go team mer-goats!

168. [ReineBloodwolf] Libra, the world is in my hands. your fate is in my hands!
169. [190039] Capricorn, yes, hard headed and yet, always there for you!
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170. [Gems Blue Butterfly] Gemini and awesome, thank you muchly
171. [Slayer Chick] I am a fishy!! Can you guess what I am??? ^^

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2009-01-02 [satan's misstress]: SAGITTARIUS

2009-01-03 [paige.ilien.]: caaaaaaaaaaaaaaanceeeeeeer.

2009-02-27 [niame]: ViRgO!^^

2009-03-14 [YourFishy]: LIBRA!!!!!!!!<3<3<3

2009-03-14 [TheKingdomLight]: CANCER

2009-03-15 [Aquariuscelesti a]: cancer^_^_^_^_^

2009-03-18 [Rook.]: Capricorn ^^ us fishie goats aren't good for anthing.. lousy in teh water, terrible on land ^^

2009-03-24 [Aquariuscelesti a]: lol, luv your input on that [Rook.]
quite snazzi;P

2009-03-25 [Rook.]: *bows* gracias ^^

2009-03-25 [Aquariuscelesti a]: *nods head* de nada :P

2009-07-14 [Zeyaitunia]: <img:44166_1164144932.gif><img:44166_1164145171.gif><img:44166_1164145221.gif><img:44166_1164145197.gif><img:44166_1164145184.gif><img:44166_1164145262.gif><img:44166_1164145253.gif><img:44166_1164145068.gif><img:44166_1164145048.gif><img:44166_1164145241.gif><img:44166_1164145087.gif><img:44166_1164145272.gif><img:44166_1164145160.gif><img:44166_1164144921.gif><img:44166_1164145230.gif><img:44166_1164144907.gif><img:44166_1164145147.gif><img:44166_1164144892.gif><img:44166_1164145313.gif><img:44166_1164145209.gif><img:44166_1164145101.gif><img:44166_1164218094.gif><img:44166_1164218120.gif><img:44166_1164218111.gif><img:44166_1164218131.gif><img:44166_1164218141.gif><img:44166_1164469610.gif><img:44166_1164469631.gif><img:44166_1164469620.gif><img:44166_1164469642.gif><img:44166_1164557391.gif>

2009-07-14 [Lord Squid]: yes, take it from the lord of squids, capricorn goat squids are like, the most complicated to manuever on land or sea,though its getting in the air thats the tricky part. and though, i dont know why [Rook.] said capricorns are fishie goats, i have to agree. Cuz i am a sort of fishie goat.

2010-02-06 [the forgotten's shadows]: Geminis rule

2010-03-07 [trimeows]: For some reason, it won't show the cancer or the libra signs anywhere I look. I was just wondering if that was happening for anyone else. All of the others are showing up just fine.<img:44166_1164145160.gif>

2010-03-07 [wicked fae mage]: Yeah I think they're broken links since a few don't show up for me either

2010-10-16 [SilverFire]: They're fixed now. :)

2010-10-18 [Kbird]: <img:44166_1164144892.gif>i love all of them! but the BEST is stell i the capricorn!

2012-10-03 [Awesomekat]: capricorn! yay! XP

2012-10-31 [Kbird]: YAY! CAPRICORN SISTER!!! XD

2013-01-15 [the forgotten's shadows]: Where's all the Gemini at

2013-01-15 [Kbird]: my dad's a gemini maybe I can't get him to get one.

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