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2011-03-18 17:49:56
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kyo-kun: [Hedda] is a big jack ass, eccuse my language

Sagacious Turkey: *gasp* how dare you?! ...he's not that big!

kyo-kun: fuck [Hedda]

Sagacious Turkey: yes... I'm sure you'd love to...

kyo-kun: i'm serious someone report me or something

Sagacious Turkey: For what...? You have done nothing wrong...

kyo-kun: being a asshole

Sagacious Turkey: nah...

kyo-kun: ok fine go look at the 10th member page

Sagacious Turkey: uh huh... it looks like a wiki...

kyo-kun: you put it back, why didn't you report me

Sagacious Turkey: ...Reasons unkown...

Didilidoo: that is really tight i can't belive u said that!!!

Sagacious Turkey: uh huh... riiiiight...

Shade Wolf: Please stop fighting.

Sagacious Turkey: Who's fighting...?

Didilidoo: i'm noooot [Didilidoo]

Blaze the Nameless: What's going on? What did I miss?

~devils_child~: hi

mechanical angel: woooohooo... i missed a lot in here...

Shade Wolf: ok

Death's Die-Ary: um wow you guys are getting out of hand.

Shade Wolf: Extremely out of hand

Didilidoo: why are we getting out of hand????

tragedy of life: *is confused* whos out of hand?

Didilidoo: i knoooow same here

Insanelife: been away for a while, what I miss?

mechanical angel: Oh lets just... be calm

Death's Die-Ary: [Didilidoo] & [Sagacious Turkey] were talkin shit to each other,knowing that the guards will bann them, after all they are watching this wiki

Sagacious Turkey: ...Ban... for what...?

Death's Die-Ary: arguing over dumb stuff.

Sagacious Turkey: You can't get banned for that...

Death's Die-Ary: wanna find out?

Sagacious Turkey: Sure...

Didilidoo: i wasn't talkin shit!!! i was just saying coz they were being mean about sum1s mum!

Erinbabe: [Didilidoo] and [Sagacious Turkey]. You both have been causing trouble in this wiki. No more. You are both banned from this wiki. If you comment in it again, you will be banned from Elftown entirely. If you make trouble in another wiki again, you will be banned from Elftown entirely. ET Guards.

mechanical angel: Yay.. i love that. People that fight actually get kicked out...

girl. interrupted.: yeah, they've been enforcing the 'law'. ^_^

Blaze the Nameless: Thank you gaurds!!!

2004-10-05 [Davorah]: GRRRRRR! Publix Subs! ^_^

2004-10-05 [teptep]: yep yummy publix subs.

2004-10-05 [Davorah]: cry more noob...

2004-10-07 [Sagacious Turkey]: mmm... noob sounds like a kind of fruit... *drools*

2004-10-07 [Kayne]: n00bisch@ for all reference ;)

2004-10-07 [teptep]: garfield your the noob wich is a newbie, your an anoying little shit, in my opinion and your parents should have taught you more fucking manners.

2004-10-07 [Kayne]: newbie's are polite and know they are wrong. Garfield is indeed a n00b

2004-10-07 [Sagacious Turkey]: teptep, I see your parents taught you manners...

2004-10-07 [teptep]: yes they did teach me manners, and as an adult I don't have to tolerate little kids like you, I have had enough of people like you and there stupidity.

2004-10-07 [Kayne]: yes they did. Never be polite to ignorant people.

2004-10-07 [teptep]: by the way gaia did you know now that you can denigh single people access to wiki's?

2004-10-07 [dragonflye]: how can you keep single ppl from accessing wikis, sorry to jump in, but i'm curious

2004-10-07 [teptep]: go read the news on the main page dragonflye

2004-10-07 [Sagacious Turkey]: according to n00bisch i'm not a noob...

2004-10-07 [teptep]: oh wait it has been replaced you will have to read in previous news.

2004-10-07 [teptep]: I would say you are.

2004-10-07 [Sagacious Turkey]: and what did I do to make you so mad?

2004-10-07 [teptep]: your atitude here in general, complaining whining about stuff saying childish things, if you wanna do that go to the aol chatrooms. and stop ruining the fun for everybody else.

2004-10-07 [Sagacious Turkey]: tell me what I said or did though, specifically.

2004-10-07 [Sir Soapy]: see what happens when you talk to people? I got some advice... shut up!

2004-10-07 [teptep]: trust me I don't have to tell you that because if you don't know it yourself then generaly you don't need to be here why do you think gaia left that noob message, because I am certain she is tired of you to, everything you do here is an act to fit in and acting generaly anoying isn't gonna get you there.

2004-10-07 [teptep]: that better not have been directed at me sir soapy you and garfield are both generaly anoying and I wouldn't be suprised if you where not an alt of his.

2004-10-07 [Sir Soapy]: sorry

2004-10-07 [Sir Soapy]: I was talking to garfield, but I am his friend though... since kindergarden

2004-10-07 [Ego Diligo Tu]: ...Wow I must say You all seem a bit up tight or wound up on something. This wiki is designed for fun people and everyone arguing isnt that much fun you know..

2004-10-07 [Sagacious Turkey]: how do you ban someone from a wiki?

2004-10-07 [Calico Tiger]: Read the news. Not the current one on Main Street, but the older news :)

2004-10-07 [Sagacious Turkey]: ok

2004-10-07 [Davorah]: everything is fixed...from this point on any banned members who comment in the boards, I will delete. And if I'm not around, Cali or another guard can do it...

2004-10-08 [Sir Soapy]: what did I do?

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2011-03-18 [kians mummy]: 7. Respect hate wikis or messages or moods.

2011-03-18 [Mortified Penguin]: Plus, I actually own other hate wikis. Like the hate wiki. Literally: hate.

2011-03-18 [Nioniel]: Well, again, I'm not a Guard, so if you think it's hateful, I guess you'll have to talk to them. Seems fine to me, though. :)

2011-03-18 [Sunrose]: Don't use my name in vain!

2011-03-18 [Mortified Penguin]: [Sunrose] damn it!

2011-03-19 [Artsieladie]: Elftown entertainment. lol

2011-03-20 [Sunrose]: Beware or I'll send you another one of those Simpson pics Mort :P

2011-03-31 [Akayume]: *haunts*

2011-04-01 [Sunrose]: oh gawd >_<

2011-04-02 [Akayume]: I'M EVERYWHERE!!

2011-04-02 [Mortified Penguin]: Get out of my bathroom!!

2011-04-02 [Akayume]: No! It is nice and sparkling clean in here!

2011-04-02 [Mortified Penguin]: Not for long... *slowly takes off pants*

2011-04-02 [Akayume]: GIT TOO IT!!!

2011-04-03 [Sunrose]: eww

2011-04-03 [Akayume]: :3 I win.

2011-04-03 [Nioniel]:  >.<

2014-07-27 [Stephen]: *facepalm*
The comments disturb me.

Stop linking me all over the damn place, Mort! x)
You keep distracting me from what I should be doing. ;o;

2014-07-27 [Mortified Penguin]: Some of those links you clicked on your own!

2014-07-27 [Sunrose]: Slap him with a tuna!

2014-07-27 [Stephen]: Sun's right, I should beat you up with a tuna.

(Man, that reminded me of the old MSN Plus)

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