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Writers Rock!

Under construction and open for suggestions and assistance from other Elftown writers!</center>


Preliminary, introductory paragraphs only:

In my interest to see more writers coming out of the Elftown closets, I started this wiki, Writers Rock!. I would like to see more writing activity for the ECM project as well. Perhaps, I thought, if a wiki is established that can draw out the writers and to more closely connect other wiki pages designed with a similar idea in mind, there might be more interest, more participation in the activities suited for this genre of creativity. However, at this point it is just an idea that I've been thinking about for quite some time. When [Captain Rachel Black] said that she thought such an idea would be quote, "a speldiforous idea", that old saying, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained", gnawed at my brain. Since I am only one writer on Elftown and I know there are many great as well as aspiring writers here, I do not want this wiki to be accredited to me, but rather to all of the writers on Elftown, for all are welcome to take an active part. I am merely the page creator.

Remember that ALL Elftown members make up the central core, the heart of Elftown, so it is up to each and every member to make Elftown all she can be and this includes her writers, as well as her artists, roleplayers, and photographers. Elftown Rocks because we rock Elftown!


Goals for this wiki:

§-1: To bring Elftown writers together to share and learn about their writing.

§-2: To promote Elftown writers and writing activities available to writers on Elftown.

§-3: Other? *thinking*


Suggestions for this wiki:

§-1: [Nocturnaliss] - Badging or some other incentive to encourage the reading of Elftown writers' works.






Topics For Discussion:

§-1: Shall there be a "Writers Rock" forum? If so, how many would make use of this forum?

§-2: There's a new feature happening on Elftown called Reviews. I think this is a great idea to have members write reviews on the various topics, such as: Boardgame Reviews, Book Reviews, Computer Game Reviews, Event Reviews, Movie Reviews, and Website Reviews, currently. For writers, this might be something that some would be interested in doing.

  - However, there's a second part that I'm curious about as to what others think. How about Reviews for "Inside of Elftown"? (See: Community Reviews.) Reviews on movies and books are great, but I for one, would like to know more about what Elftowners are making, creating, and doing, such as their art, writings, and the wiki pages they are making. Does anyone else feel the same?





All Writing Activities, Exercises and Contests:

Please add any and all links applicable here, both private and official.
Note: Roleplaying is to be included in this listing, because roleplayers are writers.</center>

- Daily Poem
- The Cliche Contest
- Shattered Painting
- Editing Assistance - Elftown
- Text Adventures (for Roleplayers)
- Writing Portfolio
- What's Your Story?
- Preaching Poetry
- Featured Story

<img:>Related Links:
  <img:> Elftown's Rocking 'Riters! - Elftown Writer? Please add your name with Elftown links to your writing, poetry, prose, or other.
  <img:> Writers' Review & Critique - Where writers gather to review other writers' works and offer complimentary comments as well as constructive advice.
  <img:> For Review & Critique Submissions' Page - Add the link or links to your written work or works here for 'review and critique'.
  <img:> Written Works Critiqued - For written works reviewed and critiqued.
  <img:> Editing Assistance - Elftown - Writer? Need some editing Assistance? This is the place to check out!

  <img:> EAE - Editors - Good writer? Know the English language well: proper usage of grammar and punctuation? Good speller? Good editors are needed! The current editors are:
    <img5*0:> [Linderel]
    <img5*0:> [Dark Side of the Moon]
    <img5*0:> [Artsieladie]

<img:>For submitting poetry:
  <img:> Daily Poem -

<img:>For submitting prose:
  <img:> Elftown Creature Marathon - Factual and fictional articles for the 'text' aspect of this project.
  <img:> Featured Story - For story writers and also to Nominate A Story by a writer.
  <img:> Writing Contests - For more writing contests.

  <img:> Contest HOW-TO - Want to create your own contest? Check out how to make your own contest.
  <img:> MC - To advertise your contest on Mainstreet!
  <img:> The Wiki's Wiki Page - A place to find a wide variety of Elftown places. Also, to add your own wiki for others to find, if you would like it found.

<img:>More Links About Writing, Reviewing, etc. Please add additional links here:
  <img:> (link)
  <img:> (link)
  <img:> (link)
  <img:> (link)
  <img:> (link)


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2009-03-10 [Nocturnaliss]: I hope you'll get to it! I know I'd be curious to read your story ^^ Unicorns are love <3

So far they're looking good, really. You're again putting in an insane amount of time and effort in o.o we need a 'Show your Love to [Artsieladie]'-day too. Seriously XD

Ooo featured story, that's... very interesting o.o I'm definitely gonna nominate something of mine if it's nominatable <<

2009-03-10 [FamousPanda]: That is definitely a day that we need. =]

2009-03-10 [Nocturnaliss]: Maybe we should organize that <<

2009-03-10 [Artsieladie]: Oh my! *blushes beet red* I'm not used to any fusses or credits, which is a good thing, because I am so terribly awkward at accepting even compliments. *fidgets* The thing that would give me such great pleasure, though, would be to see Elftown the bustling community it once was and this is the goal I try never to lose sight of in spite of the obstacles I constantly encounter. ;) *squeezles the both of you* You are both so sweet! :) I think I'd much rather see a 'Show your Love to [Hedda]-day'. He's the one that truly deserves the recognition for all he does to keep this site we love going, making it better all the time, and so much other stuff. ;D

2009-03-13 [Nocturnaliss]: *squeezles* well, considering all that you do for Elftown, I say you ought to have a special Day, too :P. But I'd love to organize one for Hedda. I don't know him at all, but I do know he deserves love and respect for all I'm sure he does for Elftown. I wonder how we could go about doing that, though.

2009-03-23 [Artsieladie]: Hmm... I guess it could be started by the deciding of a date for this, whether for a day or a week, even an entire month would be fine by me. I do think he deserves it. I don't think we would want it around Elftown's birthday or his birthday, because that's a little like people having their birthday fall on Christmas. :)

2009-03-23 [Nocturnaliss]: True, true. Well, you know Hedda better than I do, so... when would be a good day/week ? XD

2009-03-25 [Artsieladie]: Hmm.. I'll have to think and my brain is scattered in about 4711 directions at the moment. ;)

2009-03-26 [Nocturnaliss]: Not surprising XD you always keep yourself too busy :P XD

2009-03-27 [Artsieladie]: hehe I'd rather be busy. I haven't an idea what I would do if I were to have nothing to do. I'd probably invent something to do then, I'm guessing. ;P

I think a week would be good and maybe best in the winter, when the days are so short and makes the winter more dreary. So a [Hedda] week would be perfect then to cheer him up. :) Maybe we could plan something for each day of the week involving 7 things that would make Hedda the most happy. Like one day could be "Donation to Elftown Day", another could be "Donate to Reference Pictures Day", another "Invite New Members' Day", and one day would have to be "[Hedda]'s Party Day", because he loves to party! hehe I have a little something, a project up my sleeve right now, that will fit perfectly, the timing, in with such a week. Mua-ua-ua! *winks* What do think? :)

I just had a thought... It would be really great if the invite feature could invite EVERY ET member and then be able to exclude one. This way every ET member could be invited, all except [Hedda]. Then when we got everyone 'we possibly could' present and watching, then we could invite [Hedda]. Kinda' like a surprise thing? In RL I like organising surprise parties. ;)

2009-03-27 [Nocturnaliss]: People tend to also be less busy during the winter, so that's a good choice. Considering you know Hedda much better than I could, I trust you'd know what would make him very happy. I'm all for it ^^ sounds like a good plan.

Aawwww I love the invite idea! That'd be... the best surprise party ever (if people don't go and tell him about it, rofl XD). What about making an inconspicuous forum and getting people to sign up for it ? I know that'd not make ALL of Elftown, but... XD that's all I can come up with on the spot.

2009-03-27 [Artsieladie]: This is true, too. Good point! :) Well, I know he would love to see Elftown not only thrive, but really bloom, that's a given. :)

Yeah, I thought about this aspect, too, because there always has to be at least one spoiler or party pooper. The forum is a good idea for those that don't shy away from the forums, but many members don't or won't go near the forums, unfortunately.

Well, we can keep thinking and eventually we'll come up with something. We are now getting over the colder weather, so it gives us time to put something together by the time it rolls around again. Right? ;)

2009-03-27 [Nocturnaliss]: So let's try and work towards that goal. Btw, not to load more work on your shoulders, but have you made any idea progress on the Star Readers wiki ? XD

Yeah... I don't go near the forums myself << XD; it just seemed like an easy way to invite everybody when the time comes.

Exactly. I'm sure an idea'll pop up like a shroom sometime. We just need to let it grow for now XD

2009-03-27 [Artsieladie]: *nods* Yessum. :) Not lately, I'm afraid, but hopefully when I get a couple biggy things behind me. :P

I belong to 40 or 41 here on ET. <..< O..O hehe

Yeah, probably, or I'll dream it. I can't tell you how many thoughts especially in regards to ET have come to me in a dream. I guess when I say that I eat, breathe, drink, and even sleep/dream Elftown, I'm not kidding. lol

2009-03-27 [Nocturnaliss]: Awesome. I'm kinda waiting for it to start reading people's stuff << XD as awful as that may sound.

... wow. That's... alotta forums. XD;

Obviously not XD you're definitely a Townie of the Elftown. I think that's pretty neat, really... wish I could give that sort of dedicated devotion to my own projects XD

2009-04-03 [Artsieladie]: I don't think 'reading people's stuff' sounds awful. ;) Actually, I would be more inclined to think that these words would be more like 'music to a writer's ear'? :)

Yeah, hehe, I'm a hopeless 'Townie". If I gave my own projects the same, I would likely be a lot richer. But that's just with money and I feel a lot richer as a person when giving to help others and/or to something that wll ultimately benefit others than I ever would for myself. :P

2009-04-04 [Nocturnaliss]: Well, I was referring to the part where I'm waiting for the rewards to be done before I start reading << XD I likies rewards :3

I completely understand. In fact, it's nice to know someone else who attaches a lot more importance to emotionnal wealth than financial wealth <3

2009-06-03 [Nocturnaliss]: Hey Artsie, out of curiosity, but... do you plan on working on this here Wiki again ? I imagine you've got other things to do, but I'd still like to know if you're still interested at all in it.

2009-06-08 [Nocturnaliss]: I'll assume that you're not. 's too bad, would've been a neat Wiki to pursue. Ah well. Good luck with it, if ever you do decide to work on it again.

2009-06-09 [FamousPanda]: Some of us could work on it.

2009-10-20 [Artsieladie]: I've got too many irons in the fire, trying to make money mostly, but others that are interested in this are certaimly welcome to work with and on this wiki. I created this wiki for the purpose originally to be for Elftown writers to make use of. :)

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