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A whole Universitie of Doctors cannot roote these superstitious observations out of their minde.

Astrologaster - John Melton, 1620

So, we've heard a lot about the Noble Fey who scheme and flirt in the Seelie Court. But what about those who aren't noble, and who only serve them? What of the Brownies, who are ordered to take care of important mortal families? What of the Dryads, who take care of precious trees and forests, or the Naiads who do the same for lakes?

These are the Fey that live partly or wholly in the Mortal World, and they are also the ones that mortals have had most contact with. They come in all kinds of types and colors, many organized by temper or their assignment and such.

Below we'll list the different types of Faeries from across the globe, the actual things people in the real world believed in. We've altered the facts a little, merely to incorporate them seemlessly into our project. There's little in here that isn't fact about the actual beliefs of real-life people. Scary thought.

Elves, or Alver, are a special case (as always), and even though they're not really commoners, they are still listed here.


Fey Spotters Guide

<img20*0:> Alver
<img20*0:> Brownies
<img20*0:> Dragonling
<img20*0:> Dryads
<img20*0:> Fossegrim
<img20*0:> Gwyllion
<img20*0:> Huldra
<img20*0:> Kobolds
<img20*0:> Lamignacs
<img20*0:> Leshiye
<img20*0:> Moerae
<img20*0:> N√łkken
<img20*0:> The Satyrs
<img20*0:> Sirens
<img20*0:> White Ladies


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