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Greetings, and welcome to Elftown's official Council Portrait Gallery!


Click the name of the Council member to view the portrait

[#All_most PUNK]


Illustrious [Hedda]

<img200*0:stuff/%5bHedda%5d.jpg> [Hedda]
By [Janouk]

Illustrious [All_Most PUNK]

<img200*0:stuff/%5bAll_Most_PUNK%5d.jpg> [All_Most PUNK]
By [Amrhi]

Illustrious [Yuriona]

<img200*0:stuff/YurionaDeath.jpg> [Yuriona]
By [Caelicorn]

Illustrious [nehirwen]

<img200*0:stuff/%5bNehirwen%5d.jpg> [nehirwen]
By [Triola]

Illustrious [hanhepi]

<img200*0:stuff/%5bhanhepi%5d.jpg> [hanhepi]
By [Elegy - gone]

Illustrious [Nioniel]

<img200*0:stuff/z/10855/portrait%2520crap/i1313714677_3.png> [Nioniel]
by [Thrice]

Illustrious [Teufelsweib]

<img200*0:stuff/%5bTeufelsweib%5d.jpg> [Teufelsweib]
By [Jitter]

Illustrious [Sunrose]

By [Ocean Soul]


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2011-04-02 [Jitter]: Good luck with your business! Real life > networking! I know thAt well!

2011-04-02 [jaraden]: sing it sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011-04-02 [jaraden]: o, and cheers kane, it's good to hear someone luvs me!! ha ha!

2011-06-20 [Alexi Ice]: Aww! The new ones are cute! Er, cool, sorry ^^

2011-06-21 [jaraden]: right.. enough of this silliness...

I NOW PROCLAIM.. my procrastination must end!

anyone wanting a portrait done by me here's how to proceed..
~1 e-mail me a photo/photos of yourself (preferably in the view you preffer..IE: forward, 3/4 or sideview)
~2 give me a quick or indepth idea of how you'd like to look, be as creative as you like.. but DO NOT leave it up to me, i have too much in my brain to be spontanious.
~3 my e-mail add is ANYONE may apply and i'll get my arse in gear! hows that!

oh, and one thing, i may or may not have time to colour them, sooooo, that may delay things unless there's someone interested in colourin.. i'm desperately awaiting my laptop back, i'd rather colour them myself, but in the interest of honouring my pormises i thought i'd atleast get some drawings done...


2011-06-21 [iippo]: That's great that you want to draw, but that's not exactly how this works :)

The council portrait gallery works so that
~1) You pick which council member you want to draw (for example [Chel.], [Flisky] and [Akayume] don't have ones yet, or it could be someone you know and talk to, or you can throw dice to decide - it's up to you how you choose who to draw)
~2) you can message the person you chose and ask them for tips, or you can just go with whatever you fancy doing (look on Crew-Photo references for the pictures)
~3) you draw the portrait and upload it to CPGD, page 1 or CPGD, page 2.

And for your participation you get a badge. So it's kind of like a contest - except no deadline. So there is no hurry :)

2011-06-21 [Flisky]: [Flisky] doesn't have one either. :(

2011-06-21 [iippo]: Oops, thanks *edits comment*

2011-06-23 [jaraden]: ahhh.. see... i was never that good at payin attention to how things work.. thanks for cluein me in... well i shall start with AKANE, and perhaps FLISKY (seein as we go way back) and we'll see where we go from there.. any problems with teh lack of colourin.. i know i bang on about it, but without photoshop, my colourin capabilities are limited at the min...

2011-06-23 [iippo]: Can't wait to see your entries :)

Well, the rules say: "Drawings must be well shaded and/or coloured." It's more of a quality tracker thing, so if it's a finished drawing but in b&w, it's still good to go. :)

2011-06-24 [jaraden]: wicked! cheers! i'll get to work then shall i!?! ha!

2011-06-25 [Lothuriel]: I am so jealous right now!!!!

2011-06-25 [Alexi Ice]: *So excited* *Dies* *Then comes back as a Zombie and uber huggles Jaraden*

2011-06-27 [jaraden]: nee woories! was gonna start it this weekend, but got a surprise visit wit me kids and they kept me BUSY!! so, looks like it'll be tonight hun!!! and LOTH, once i start banging these portraits out, you can always have one tooooooooo!

2014-02-02 [Sunrose]: [Kyrinn] should probably be moved to veterans :(

2014-02-02 [hanhepi]: Done. :(

2014-10-04 [Linderel]: I'm thinking this is a little bit out of date. As in, I no longer belong on this page. :P

2014-10-05 [nehirwen]: ...completely forgot you retired. O_o

2014-10-05 [Linderel]: Hahahaha xD I'm such a fixture? :P

2014-10-06 [nehirwen]: I guess you are, yes. Fix0red now. :)

2014-10-06 [Linderel]: Ta. :)

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