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Uploading Art Rules

The rules explaining what kind of art and
literature is allowed on Elftown in your
house and in the wiki-pages.

What is an Asshole?

Elftown's main policy is 'Don't be an
asshole'. Here we explain what we mean
by that.

Why Rules?

A page that explains why Elftown has the rules
it does about art and literature.

Chain Messages

An explanation of Elftown's policy on spamming
people with chain messages, be warned: it's
rather strict! We don't like spam here.


An explanation of how to make a report, what
type of report you should make, and what
information you need to include in your report.

How do I block members?

An explanation of how to block a member
of Elftown to stop them sending you
private messages.


Here you can find a list of the guards who
maintain the rules around Elftown.
It will tell you which guards to talk to
about certain issues.


Here you can find a list of all the Patrollers.
These people help the guards find and stop
art thieves, and other people who are up to
no good on Elftown.


Go or return to:
-The wiki-index
-The help index

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2004-07-17 [skiman]: Who wants to follow the rules? NOT ME!

2004-10-21 [mymagic]: yah elves

2004-10-21 [mymagic]: any one need a firend

2004-10-25 [digimatt]: ok

2004-10-26 [Velkyn]: is there a limit to how many wikis you can have?

2004-10-27 [True, plain and simple]: No

2004-12-14 [Ezza]: how do you make a wiki??

2004-12-14 [Sunrose]: Read How do I make a wiki page :)

2004-12-21 [hellengel2]: how do i make a wiki page

2004-12-24 [Crossno]: how do you make a wiki page?

2004-12-24 [True, plain and simple]: Click the link in [Sunrose]'s comment and read the text.

2005-01-13 [Gwyndolen]: Hey...

2005-01-13 [Gwyndolen]: Is anyone here?

2005-01-23 [Sunrose]: Hi :) Is there something you want to know? Not many people hang out here..certainly not for chat :)

2005-02-08 [king of Africa]: waoooh!!! whatz up ELVES

2005-03-07 [DragonLance13]: hi

2005-03-15 [starwarskid]: hey

2005-03-24 [Aignea]: Hi elves!

2005-03-28 [Were_wolf]: HA found it YA!

2005-03-28 [Were_wolf]: so whats going on in here -_-

2005-03-29 [angelbutterfly]: I always need a new friend

2005-03-29 [djxmonster]: If you want to chat, goto elfchat :)

2005-04-04 [goodcharlotte72]: I LOVE GOOD CHARLOTTE

2005-04-04 [Crossno]: k

2005-04-08 [wannebe_goth]: i'm related to billie joe armstrong (from green day)

2005-04-25 [saulaite]: hey...i want you to be my friend...:)

2005-05-15 [Anomynous]: Some people just don't get it...THIS PLACE AIN'T FOR CHATTIN!!! Anyways, back to more serious business. What I wanted to ask...if, in a member's house we see swear words and such, should we report that member or is Elftown not rated PG-13 (I did not see this in the rules or FAQs, if it *is* there and I just didn't read carefully enough then you have my sincere appologies)

2005-05-15 [djxmonster]: No. Profanity is not against the rules :)

2005-05-15 [Anomynous]: OK, I thought that would go in the "asshole" section (guess not) thanks!

2005-05-26 [Lothuriel]: Are the same types of images allowed in wikis also allowed in your diary entries? An example of this would be a celebrity photo uploaded from your personal computer or a screen shot saved and uploaded in the same manner...

2005-05-26 [Sunrose]: Elftown has no rules about diary's, but of course there are still international copyright laws..

2005-05-26 [Lothuriel]: Yes, of course. Thank you.

2005-05-30 [stuffAEAmade]: I've come across a house that has another artist's work in their photo slot, with the caption "this is my favorite for such-and-such contest;" the artist's name is not given, so I'm thinking that it's against the rules, but I would like clearification.

2005-05-30 [djxmonster]: Sounds like it... what house is it?

2005-05-30 [stuffAEAmade]: [Elita]

2005-05-30 [djxmonster]: You mean [Elita]... I'll check it out :)

2005-06-04 [ally]: "and not try and cause a lot of trouble" shouldn't this be something like: "and try not to cause a lot of trouble?"

2005-06-04 [Sunrose]: Fixed!

2005-06-13 [Zab]: one question about the UAR: If I make a drawing and give it to a friend here, may she/he not use it in her house?

2005-06-13 [djxmonster]: Yes, but she should give you credit :)

2005-06-13 [Zab]: Thank you,ok, do I have to write something on it (I always write Zab(c)) so the guards and everyone else know she can use it? e.g ''to what´s-her-name''

2005-06-14 [djxmonster]: Just have your friend say "I was given permission to use this by the artist, [Zab]" or something similar.

2005-06-14 [Zab]: ^_^ok, thanks.

2005-06-14 [stuffAEAmade]: If someone has an image from an anime (like a clip from a cell) it's all right to put it in a wiki, but not the House, right?

2005-06-14 [Sunrose]: Clip from a cell?

2005-06-14 [stuffAEAmade]: like a frame... basically like if one were to take a picture of the TV while the anime was on...

2005-06-15 [Sunrose]: Ah! Like screenshots :) indeed they are not allowed...

2005-06-15 [stuffAEAmade]: In the House is against the rules, but what are they not allowed in the wikis either?

2005-06-15 [Sunrose]: Wikis have different rules, as far as I know they are allowed there but not uploaded to Elftown of course...

2005-06-15 [stuffAEAmade]: Alright. Thank you!

2005-07-11 [VANCANT]: I dont understand the Mainstreet news today. Can I get a Polish translation?

2005-07-11 [Sunrose]: What exactly is it you don't understand?

2005-07-15 [Hilinia Marionel]: People aren't allowed to have racist comments in their houses are they?

2005-07-15 [djxmonster]: Freedom of speech?

2005-07-15 [True, plain and simple]: Eh? No. Send in a report on members with racist comments so they can be looked at.

2005-07-30 [threelade]: Now this is intresting, I try and load up a forum and get....nothing....Is it just my system or did the forums decide they didnt like us any more? Was tring to find info on the length of a presentation...

2005-07-30 [Zab]: I wondered about the length, too..

2005-07-30 [threelade]: did you find any info on that [Zab]?

2005-07-30 [Sunrose]: [303488] ;)

2005-07-30 [Zab]: no...[FiSHr.] found out something about 10 images, that´s all.

2005-07-30 [threelade]: If the length is an issue then try cutting out those #$#@% questioners

2005-07-30 [Zab]: No, it´s not a problem, for me at least.^_^ Thanks for the answers.

2005-07-30 [threelade]: Thanks [Sunrose]

2005-07-30 [Sunrose]: And thanks [Lerune] too for making the post ;)

2005-08-08 [Courtizan]: threelade... i think that the questionaires are fun. ^_^

2005-08-18 [AnnMiuka]: were r the rules about 10 images and what doesn't count and stuff?

2005-08-18 [ally]: nonimages is where the images are that only count as 1 image

2005-08-26 [AnnMiuka]: what about the ones that don't count as images?

2005-08-26 [ally]: O_o there's no such thing as an image that doesn't count as an image

2005-08-26 [True, plain and simple]: nonimages don't count towards your total number of images..

2005-08-27 [AnnMiuka]: thanx

2005-09-17 [Zab]: Just a question: Is random (and probably copyrighted) images found on the net allowed in public wikipages? (if it's not uploaded to ET)

2005-09-17 [Sunrose]: As long as you don't claim to be the artist, if they're not porn and not violence or anything like that ;)

2005-09-17 [Zab]: ^__^ OK, then I'll tell her. Thanks.

2005-11-06 [destructionG-3]: oh man I dont have ANYONE to talk to in this ******* place

2005-11-06 [Lothuriel]: And you won't find anyone on an official help page either

2005-11-14 [Paz]: and especially not with that attitude ;)

2006-01-29 [Kiddalee]: I don't remember seeing this in the UAR... Are you allowed to inline pictures of yourself from say, Photobucket to your house, or are you supposed to upload them all to Elftown first?

2006-01-29 [Zab]: I think that's ok to do, into your description :) As long as it doesn't break any other rule here. But photobucket images usually disappear (become broken links or get a sign saying it doesn't exist anymore) after a while, I think. :)

2006-01-29 [Sunrose]: [Zab] is right :)

2006-01-29 [Leara]: They only vanish if the person removes it from there gallery, changes its name on photobucket, or upload to many images and exceed their bandwidth by doing so. Happened to me before, I deleted a picture or two, and all my inlined images from there worked again.

2006-01-29 [Zab]: Oh, okey.. I don't have photobucket, so that's just what I've heard and seen those signs. :)

2006-04-13 [Stray Kitty]: Is it against the rules to inline images in the image discription area?

2006-04-13 [Sunrose]: No :)

2006-04-18 [Moosey]: who and how do i tell someone that i have permission to have pictures?

2006-04-18 [Zab]: I think you write it under the picture, and if a guard asks about it anyway you tell them and try to proove it :)

2006-04-18 [Moosey]: so go ask a guard?

2006-04-18 [Zab]: Just write it near the picture. :)

2006-04-18 [Moosey]: what if it's for/from a wiki?

2006-04-18 [Zab]: If it's on a wiki, you can have pretty much which image you want, unless it's copyrighted and it's a wiki people can visit. If you have permission from the artist to use it, just write that under the image, and maybe a note that others can't use it. But I'll let someone who knows the specific rules better than me answer that :)

2006-04-18 [Moosey]: thanks

2006-04-27 [Akayume]: where are the rules for your description? I want to check for things I might put on (poems, quotes, ect.)

2006-04-27 [Sunrose]: Uploading Art Rules. There are no set rules for texts on houses, but preferred would be if you did not copy whole texts such as lyrics, you can easily link to those :)

2006-04-27 [Akayume]: I see.

2006-05-02 [Sweet Innocence 666]: Alright well I was new on here and didnt know about the no chainletter rule it was sent to me by a friend well now ive been reported to the guards for it n this is the first ive ever read or heard bout that rule or even reported

2006-07-01 [EmeraldGrizzly]: I looked, I can't find anyhting 'bout it so... can you put a poll in your description?

2006-07-01 [iippo]: You can put a link to the poll in your description, yes. 

2006-07-03 [Zab]: I think he/she meant a poll, like a wikipoll, in the description..I don't know if it works or if it agrees with the rules:P

2006-07-05 [kittykittykitty]: It's not possible to put a poll in your description (I just tried :P )

2006-07-06 [Zab]: Then we have the answer on that, thanks for finding out :P

2006-07-06 [iippo]: So if something is impossible to do, then it is also impossible for it to be against the rules :P

2007-01-06 [weirdscarydyke]: Can I get into trouble for having a picture of my beloved bong on my profile?

2007-01-07 [Teufelsweib]: as long as it's not disturbing, and it's your bong and you made the picture (not a picture from google), it's ok :)

2007-01-11 [Aldalome]: hello, I have a question about the uar.
Is it allowed to have logos form lets say, brands and bands in your house?
And the 2 example pictures that were made for the mainstreet image competition, is it allowed to post them into your house?
and someone put an oficial badge ( hedda's badge into their drawing slot) should I report that?

2007-01-11 [Teufelsweib]: your first question, no logos and brands aren't allowed :) all art that isn't made by you isn't allowed, unless you got permission from the artist.
same for your second question, only if you ask their permission. (and give a note that they gave you permission, so they get the credit)
and yes, you should report that :)

2007-01-11 [Aldalome]: Thank you I've been watching these houses since yesterday. I'll report them right away.

2007-01-11 [Teufelsweib]: thank you for reporting too :)

2007-01-17 [Aldalome]: Hello, I have a question about reporting people (again)
I don't know if I can report these two [doc snov]The picture in his photoslot already disturbs me, but its the picture in the drawingslot that really caught my eye. As you van see its signed Max Hallberg. Max Hallberg exists, he is an elfwood artist.
On this persons profile it isn't even shown that he is an elfwood artist. The world possition is also wrong.

next one up is [Just An Awesome Guy] the picture in his drawingslot is copyrigted, but i have trouble finding it on the net.

I know this wiki isn't the place to write semi repots, but I'm just not really sure about these two.

2007-01-17 [Zab]: I think you should report at least the first one, since you have good reasons to believe it's not his and can link to the real artist. :)
I thgink you can report the second one too, if you believe he hadn't made the image. :)
(Not a guard, but I think I'm right x)

2007-01-17 [Aldalome]: Reported them.
*sigh* why do people keep putting stuff like that into their slots or descriptions? Can't they read the rules?

2007-01-17 [Zab]: Of course not, rules are for nerds, didn't you know? It's ''cool'' to break them... ;)

2007-01-17 [Aldalome]: proud to be a nerd then

2007-01-17 [Zab]: Yep.

2007-08-21 [moonscale]: I've been looking for the new rules because I think I've found some people violating them but I cannot seem to find them and when I go to report them the relevant rules are not available from the choices. Did I miss something?

2007-08-21 [sequeena_rae]: I assume you mean the copied texts? Just put it under 'other' in the guard reports. It's a new rule and there's a massive influx of reporting (I assume) so it's easier on them to have it in 'other'.


G-5. No random copied writings in (descriptions of) houses.
Writing not your own is not allowed, unless someone wrote it especially for you (a friend).
Example: No copied stories, song-lyrics etc
Short quotes, or the likes, that don't exceed 4 phrases/lines/sentences are OK.
Copied questionnaires are allowed with a limit of 50 questions. Therefore choose your questions wisely.
Uploading Art Rules

2007-11-02 [taleya]: I have a question: I am new on here, so I want to know can i use pictures of fantasy artists for my embroidery woks? Or is it absolutely prohibited?

2007-11-02 [iippo]: You mean use them as a reference? So you look at them an then repeat the image in a different medium (embroidery). I'd say that's okay, but it would be easier to understand if you could show an example :)

2008-12-02 [Shyr]: I read the Uploading Art Rules and I'm not sure about one thing, in your house you are not allowed to upload images from other websites that do not pertain to you whatsoever? So I cannot upload a picture of a Wood Elf from another website unless I drew it or it was made for me, specifically?

2008-12-02 [windowframe]: Yes, that's right. :)

2011-06-23 [kians mummy]: Patrollers

Here you cam find a list of all the Patrollers.
These people help the guards find and stop
art thieves, and other people who are up to
no good on Elftown.

2011-06-23 [windowframe]: Fixed, thanks. :)

2011-06-23 [kians mummy]: You're welcome, i have good eye for detail see, if there is any pages you would like me to run over then tell me and i will. :)

2011-06-23 [kians mummy]: on report

If you feel harassed by certain members on Elftown, please feel free to report them to the guards.However please note the following while making a report.

- Please do not make reports on behalf of someone else. We want the harassed member to report, not some protective older brother or boyfriend to do it. Similarily, do not use a clone house (another account that you have here on ET) to make a report on someone because you do not wish that member to know who reported them. Your identity will never be given out to the reported member, you have all reasons to feel safe. (Note: Many reports are obvious who they come from, so we have to reveal your identity there. If after that you get a "You reported me, you bitch!" message, we'll ban the offender.)

2011-06-23 [windowframe]: I already fixed both of those. ;)

2011-06-23 [kians mummy]: ok lol, can't find anymore but will keep searching, and earn the respect of the council

2011-06-23 [windowframe]: There's one! *points* 'anymore' should be 'any more'. ;)

2011-06-23 [kians mummy]: good lol :)

2011-06-23 [kians mummy]: it doesn't have to be x)

2011-08-10 [kians mummy]: Shouldn't there be an option of all the rules on one page? :)

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