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For a more detailed guide to how things work, see Help

About the FAQ

Q: What is an FAQ?
A: A FAQ is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers. Always look in the FAQ before asking in the newbie forum <forum:Elftown, newbie questions>!

Q: Why isn't my question in this FAQ? I looked but cannot find it!
A: Because no one has added it yet! Find out the answer (ask in the newbie forum <forum:Elftown, newbie questions>) and put both the question and the answer in the FAQ, where other Elftowners can find it!

Q: Can I add a question to the FAQ?
A: No. Don't just add a question without an answer and expect it to be answered. Questions should be asked in the forums, not here. However, if you want to add a question and its answer, see the next question...

Q: Can I add a question and its answer to the FAQ?
A: Yes. If you've found out the answer to a question about Elftown that puzzled you, or if you've answered the same question in the newbie forum over and over, you're welcome to add the question and its answer to the FAQ. Put it in the right and try to follow the general lay-out.

Q: Where can I get more help?
A: Go to the help section or <forum:Elftown, newbie questions>


About Elftown

Q: What is Elftown, and what is the main purpose of this site?
A: Elftown is a site made (originally) for Elfwooders who want to socialize, chat, get to know other Elfwooders and exchange experiences. You have a house where your profile is shown, and a forum to start and join discussions. Elftown is always under construction, so good suggestions might be implemented if the Mayor approves them.

Q: What is the difference between Elfwood and Elftown?
A: Elfwood is a fantasy and science fiction art gallery where you can post your fantasy and science fiction art and stories. Elftown is a community for Elfwooders, hang-arounds and others who just happen to be here.

Q: So, Elftown is a community. What is a community?
A: A community is a place for "meeting" people and talking to them in one or several ways. Here in Elftown you can communicate in many ways, for example through private messages, the forums and the wiki.

Q: I'm all confused. Where do I start?
A: I would recommend you to start by looking at the forums. Read, say, the 50 newest postings in all forums that seem interesting. Also explore the wiki and visit other Elftowners' houses. There are also some Guided Tours that might help you getting started.

Q: Can I link to Elftown? Is there a banner or button I can use?
A: Yes, you can link to Elftown. You can find more info on this and a couple of images you can use on the wiki page called Elftown Logos.

Q: Who are the "Elftown crew" and how do I become a part of it?
A: The "crew" is everyone who helps build and maintain Elftown in one way or another. [Hedda] is the Mayor and does all coding (currently). He appoints Council-members, Town Guards and Secret Service to help him keep the order. All members can contribute to Elftown by leaving bug reports, making suggestions and writing this Wiki. To apply see apply to the crew!

Q: How do I get one of those badge things for my bio?
A: Some badges show that you have won a contest, others show that you have a special role in maintaining Elftown or that you have contributed in some way (by reporting bugs, creating graphics or codes, suggesting changes or improvements for instance, even if it is not a contest and the options are not limited to these)
Information about each badge and how to get it is available on The Badge Reward System.

In either case, winning a badge should not be your purpose really. Badges come only as a sign of recognition for what you have offered to Elftown.

Q: Elftown displayed the "This page can not be displayed"-page. What is wrong?
A: The "page cannot be shown" message is the biggest crap Microsoft has ever done. It can mean anything, so I assume that it's your fault (or your ISP's).

If you have used a working browser (Opera or any kind of Mozilla/Netscape, and even new versions of IE in some cases), it would have told you why the page couldn't be displayed. (No route to host, Server refused connection, DNS-failure, stupid browser can't handle that long URLs, proxy server not working or something else).

If you don't get that EVIL page when you go to the entrance-page, but only when you log in or do something in Elftown, that probably means that you have found a redirect-"bug" in Elftown. Report when this happens! It will probably work with any other browser than IE, so you can try that if you want.

About the Elftown Guards

Q: Can I be a town guard? Please!!!
A: See apply to the crew! Don't even try if you're new and haven't proven yourself. And don't give up just because you haven't been picked for one year! This is Elftown, not stress-town and we want people with patience.

Elftown crew members are chosen from people who send nice reports, or write smart things in the forums. From there guards are picked.

Q: Where do I report when people misbehave?
1) If you want to report a certain member, you can send a report to the guards from the member's house. Click on the button called "Send report to guards", you'll find it to the right in the member's house.
Read more on how to make a report
2) You can write a private message to one of the guards.

There are always a lot of complaints about people's behaviour on the chat. Don't use the chat if you can't stand it, as it's somewhat out of control.
If you are harassed outside of elftown you may wish to see serioushelp for advice.

Q: What sorts of things should people be reported for?
A: Members should be reported if they violated the Uploading Art Rules or if they are breaking Elftown's number one rule, "don't be an asshole!". For more information about what this rule means, see What is an asshole?

Q: How do I contact the guards or crew?
A: That depends on why you want to contact them.
1) For reporting misbehaviour, see above.
2) For contacting the town guards, see above.
3) To ask a general question, go to the Newbie Forum and post the question there.

4) To ask a wiki question, go to the Elftown Wiki forum and post the question there.
5) To make a suggestion, go to the Suggestions forum and post the suggestion there.
6) To report a bug, go to the Elftown Bugs forum and post the report there.
7) If you have a question or comment you'd rather not share with everyone, you can find the names of the crew (guards, wiki bosses, featured image bosses, daily poem bosses etc) on the Council page.


About the Elftown Wiki

Q: What is this Wiki thing?
A: A Wiki (or rather Wiki-Wiki) is a webpage that anyone can edit. All versions of the page are saved, so if someone messes up it is always possible to restore the page. The Elftown Wiki can be used for documentation, like this FAQ. See the wiki_intro and the wiki FAQ for a more detailed description.

Q: Can I edit the Wiki?
A: Yes you can! There's even a Wiki playground [edit] 1574 to play around in, if you want to experiment with something.
However, you can not edit a wiki if it has been password protected and you don't know what the password is.

Q: Can I even edit the FAQ on the Wiki?
A: Yes, this wiki is not password-protected

Q: Is there a list of all wiki-pages?
A: No, and there will never be one. Wiki-pages with a secret name like my-very-secret-page-12344321 should never be found by someone if they don't find the link (like reading it in the FAQ...).
There do exist member-made lists where you can find other wiki's;
The Wiki's wiki page

Q: Is the Wiki moderated?
A: Yes and no. Often the creator of a page also acts as "moderator", but for some pages we must all take responsibility. The Wiki Bosses and the Council maintain official Elftown pages. If you are being harassed on a wiki, i.e. someone is spamming your wiki, or is deliberately messing it up, then you can report it to the Guards. If you need help with other aspects of the wiki, contact the Wiki Bosses.

Q: What does it mean to export your wiki page?
A: It means people can view your wiki page without being logged into Elftown. You can only export wiki pages that you have made the first version of.


About Your House

Q: How do I upload a photo or drawing?
A: See How do I upload art for a step by step guide for uploading art and photos.

Q: How do I set my position on the world map?
A: Go to the "Change personal data" page (see previous answer). There you can find a link called "Select a position on Elftownworldmap". (it's DIRECTLY below "Fantasy race personality).
Click on the map where you are positioned and the map will be added to your house after you clicked "Change personal data" at the bottom of your personal data.

To remove the map, write nothing after
Or enter latitude-longitude on the format 39°10.356'N 101°31.092'W (Central USA):

Q: What is a relation?
A: A relation is ... well... a relation you might have with other Elftowners. Like, if you find someone who for example loves Evangelion, and you do too, then you can propose a relation being "Lovers of Ewok Stew" or something. If people propose a relation with you, you can answer either yes or no, depending on the nature of the relation - if you want the relation with the person or not.
When you answer the question, whether with yes or no, you will be redirected to the member's house who requested the relation.

Q: How do I propose a relation?
A: It is easy, don't worry.

At first, you could suggest a relation with no previous dialogue among people. But that meant that some people want to have "the highest number possible" to look cool, without ever messaging any of the people in the list (yes, I know it's silly, but it happened).

So, now you can only suggest a relation after you have messaged the person and you have gotten a message back at least. :)

To suggest a relation, you go to the house of the person you want to suggest it to. Then, you go to the very bottom of the house, and there you will see the "suggest that you should start a relation" button.

You can pick one of the random types of relation (family/friend/lover/enemy/cousin), or make up a name for it (there's a white box there to type it).

Once done, you press the button "suggest that you should start a relation".

The person will get a notification in his/her house saying "you have a relation request".
The request contains a link to your house and the possibility to accept or decline.
If the person accepts he/she will be redirected to your house, you will be automatically added to his/her list and that person will be added to yours. If the person declines, nothing happens. :)

Q: Why is my answer to a guestbook-message placed in another guestbook?
A: The comment is placed in the guestbook of the person you're replying to, so that they get notified that you replied.

Q: Is it OK to use another language than English in the guestbooks?
A: Yes – but you should try to use a language the recipient of your message understands, of course! In the forums you should mainly use English, except in the case of the specific language forums, where you should use whatever language is appropriate to that forum. Private messages can of course be in any language the receiver understands.


About the Forums

Q: Help! I don't understand the forums!?
A: See Forum Hints for an explanation of the forums here on Elftown. If you still don't understand, try experimenting in the forums for a while, or ask for help in the newbie forum (<forum:Elftown, newbie questions>.

Q: How do I become a member of a forum? / How do I join a forum?
A: Go to the Forums page. Click on the name of the forum you want to join. Read the instructions, or click on "Show" to enter the forum. That makes you a member of the forum.

Q: The texts in the forums are moved to below the forum-status-box sometimes. Can that be fixed?
A: Yes, just go to your house -> update personal data and select a smaller font size. Or just make your window bigger.


About Miscellaneous Things


Q: I want my picture to be shown on Main Street! How can I do that?
A: The small pictures of members on the right menu on Main Street are placed there automatically and randomly. However, you can nominate a Featured Member in the Featured Member forum.

Q: What does it take to be counted as an active member in Elftown? (Referring to the bottom of Mainstreet)
A: You have to log on at least every seven days to be an "active" member.

Q: Why isn't there a chatroom for Elftowners?
A: There is a chatroom for Elftown outside of Elftown! Read Elfchat or join the chatroom here:
<URL:wiki_azzurra>(will run a java applet)

Q: How do I delete myself from Elftown?
A: You can't. That's pretty much it. 


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<img:>The help index

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2011-07-28 [nonexistant1234 567]: Why can't I delete myself from Elftown? Do you realize that is a violation of my rights and I can sue for that. It will at least make for an interesting case in a reader for future law students and I am bored. I suggest you add a self destruct feature immediately!

2011-07-29 [Thunder Cid]: Under what law may I ask does it say that members of social networking sites have a right to delete oneself from said social networking site? Also if there is a law stating this, has it been adopted by Sweden. If not then there is no case and no way to sue.

*edit: Directive 95/46/EC of the Swedish Personal Data Act and the United States Computer Security Act 1996 do not apply internationally.

2011-07-29 [iippo]: You can delete yourself in the sense that you can remove all info from your bio and all pictures, password protect all wikipages and delete all diary entries and poll etc etc, you catch my drift. Turn your username into a key-mash, and your password too. And you are gone. Google will eventually forget you from its cache and... that's as gone as you'll get and you won't have to worry about it. :)

2011-08-31 [Stephen]: Q: Where do I report when people misbehave?
1) If you want to report a certain member, you can send a report to the guards from the member's house. Click on the button called "Send report to guards", you'll find it to the right in the member's house.
Read more on how to make a report
2) You can write a comment on guards.
3) You can write a private message to one of the guards.
4) You can write in the Elftown, members-forum

I'd remove these myself, but I figured I'd ask. Don't the Guards generally frown on writing a complaint on the wiki-page? I'd imagine using a public forum is even worse, and less likely to get you the help you need as quickly.

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