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2007-06-07 21:58:02
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<img120*0:stuff/balloonfactory.gif> <img:stuff/bannerli.gif>

Pick your own colour balloon that is not taken yet or request a new colour! Make a comment which one you want ;)
You can only have 1 balloon, except [ally], [Janouk], [pixish], [Erestor], [Lothuriel], [Ittai] and [Sunrose] I guess... :p

Regular edition and gifts by [Sunrose]
Special edition: dots and stripes.. and other strange things by [Ocean Soul]
Special edition 2: evolving colours.. and other strange things by [Zab]
Special edition 3: more animals and stuffs by [evilhamster]
Special edition 4: fruits and stuffs by [Calico Tiger]
Special edition 5: Additionals by [a clockwork orange]


Regular edition and gifts

red <img:stuff/SunBalloon.gif> [iippo]
green <img:stuff/SunBalloonGreen.gif> [ally]
orange <img:stuff/SunBalloonOrange.gif> [Erestor]
pink <img:stuff/SunBalloonPink.gif> [pixish]
purple <img:stuff/SunBalloonPurple.gif> [sequeena_rae]
yellow <img:stuff/SunBalloonYellow.gif> [Ittai]
blue <img:stuff/SunBalloonBlue.gif> [Levoton]
black <img:stuff/SunBlackBalloon.gif> [Janouk]
grey <img:stuff/SunGreyBalloon.gif> [Yiwerra]
brown <img:stuff/SunBrownBalloon.gif> [Zab]
white <img:stuff/SunWhiteBalloon.gif> [spiritee]
white purple <img:stuff/SunWhitePurpleBalloon.gif> [Janouk]
mint green <img:stuff/SinMintBalloon.gif> [shir t.]
turquoise <img:stuff/SunTurquoiseBalloon.gif> [Poindextra]
cyclamen <img:stuff/SunCyclamenBalloon.gif> [Sunrose]
dark yellow <img:stuff/SunDarkyellowBalloon.gif> [djxmonster]
dark green <img:stuff/SunDarkGreenBalloon.gif> [Clover faerie]
dark purple <img:stuff/SunDarkPurpleBalloon.gif> [irulan]
violet <img:stuff/SunVioletBalloon.gif> [Leara]
hot pink <img:stuff/SunHotPinkBalloon.gif> [Asrun]
lime green <img:stuff/SunLimeBalloon.gif> [Acronymous]
lemon yellow <img:stuff/SunLemonYellowBalloon.gif> [Yncke]
white blue <img:stuff/SunWhiteBlueBalloon.gif> [Ocean Soul]
light blue <img:stuff/SunLightBlueBalloon.gif> [Ocean Dreaming]
aquamarine <img:stuff/SunAquamarineBalloon.gif> [hanhepi]
old pink <img:stuff/SunOldPinkBalloon.gif> [Patri]
dark aqua <img:stuff/SunDarkAquaBalloon.gif> [Fallen Child Athena]
corn yellow <img:stuff/SunCornYellowBalloon.gif> [Charybdis]
pastel pink <img:stuff/SunPastelPinkBalloon.gif> [stuffAEAmade]
mustard <img:stuff/SunMustardBalloon.gif> [ugursarac]
peach <img:stuff/SunPeachBalloon.gif> [Thunder Cid]
silver <img:stuff/SunSilverBalloon.gif> [The Alchemist]
crimson <img:stuff/SunCrimsonBalloon.gif> [beautiful _ darkness]
metallic blue <img:stuff/SunMetallicBlueBalloon.gif> [someelf]
lavender <img:stuff/SunLavenderBalloon.gif> [Lerune]
transparent <img:stuff/SunTransparentBalloon.gif> [Nita]
amber <img:stuff/SunBalloonAmber.gif> [Lothuriel]
scarlet <img:stuff/SunScarletBalloon.gif> [*~`Lady of Avalon`~*]
transparent green spots <img:stuff/SunTransGreenSpotsBalloon.gif> [True, plain and simple]
black pink <img:stuff/SunBlackPinkBalloon.gif> [Deleted001]
cerulian <img:stuff/SunCerulianBalloon.gif> [The Darkness Calls]
death 1 <img:stuff/SunDeathBalloon.gif> Forced on [Isilando]
death 2 <img:stuff/SunDeath2Balloon.gif> [Hermelin]
scarlet net <img:stuff/SunScarletNetBalloon.gif> [FireWing]
scorpion <img:stuff/SunScorpion2Balloon.gif> [ally]
bee <img:stuff/SunBeeBalloon.gif> [Erestor]
ladybug <img:stuff/SunLadybugBalloon.gif> [Tyrana]
mouse <img:stuff/SunMouse2Balloon.gif> gift for [Shreya]
pig(let) <img:stuff/SunPigBalloon.gif> gift for [Maketsu]
poohbear <img:stuff/SunPoohBalloon.gif> [Lothuriel]
eyore <img:stuff/SunEyoreBalloon.gif> [Kileaiya]
tigger <img:stuff/SunTiggerBalloon.gif> [alienated_bubble]
hamster <img:stuff/SunHamsterBalloon.gif> gift for [Nita]
spongebob <img:stuff/SunSBBalloon.gif> [Pinkdonkey]
hot air balloon <img:stuff/SunHABalloon.gif> -
cloud <img:stuff/SunCloudBalloon3.gif> [evil beavle]
snowglobe <img:stuff/SunSnowglobeBalloon.gif> [stuffAEAmade]
bagel <img:stuff/SunBagelBalloon.gif> -
chocolate sprinkled donut <img:stuff/SunChocSprinkledDonut.gif> [Dragonsoul]
rainbow <img:stuff/SunRainbowBalloon2.gif> [Linderel]
cactus <img:stuff/SunCactusBalloon.gif> [grey wanderer]
krusty the clown <img:stuff/SunKrustyBalloon.gif> [tasisity]
lightbulb <img:stuff/SunLightbulbBalloon.gif> [font]
thoughtballoon... <img:stuff/SunThoughtBalloon.gif> [font]
thoughtballoon!!! <img:stuff/SunThoughtExclBalloon.gif> [Swollenfish]
hotdog <img:stuff/SunHotDog1Balloon.gif> -

66 balloons
58 owners
3 available


Special edition: dots and stripes.. and other strange things

corn yellow, orange dots<img:stuff/CornYellowOrangeDots.gif> [Pinkdonkey]
corn yellow, orange stripes 1 <img:stuff/CornYellowOrangeStripes1.gif> [Piccolo Sorcio]
corn yellow, orange stripes 2 <img:stuff/CornYellowOrangeStripes2.gif> [elphaba]
crimson, red stripes <img:stuff/CrimsonStripes.gif> [Paz]
aquamarine, dark aqua stripes <img:stuff/AquamarineStripes.gif> [purelily]
dark aqua, aquamarine stripes <img:stuff/DarkAquaStripes.gif> [Kai Crewger]
white blue, blue stripes <img:stuff/WhiteBlueStripes.gif> [666 ~My HeARt bLeeDs~ 666]
white, red stripes <img:stuff/WhiteStripes.gif> [evilhamster]
dark green, pink stripes <img:stuff/DarkGreenStripes.gif> [Aikon I]
dark green, pink dots <img:stuff/DarkGreenDots.gif> [pixish]
dark pruple, dark aqua dots <img:stuff/DarkPurpleDots.gif> [Calico Tiger]
shark 1 <img:stuff/shark1.gif> [HowseR]
shark 2 <img:stuff/shark2.gif> [Paul Doyle]
white, red hearts <img:stuff/WhiteHearts.gif> [Ittai] and [Sunrose]
white, red heart <img:stuff/WhiteHearts2.gif> [Serenity's MoonLight]
black, grey stripes <img:stuff/BlackStripes.gif> [FiSHr.]
black, purple, white X <img:stuff/whiteX.gif> [Steel Mal'ak]
black, purple heart <img:stuff/BlackHeart.gif> [Piccolo Sorcio]
ducky <img:stuff/duckycrimble.gif> gift for [All_Most PUNK]
star <img:stuff/starino.gif> [-Orion-]
camouflage <img:stuff/camouflageballon.gif> [Peug]

[Ocean Soul]
21 balloons
22 owners
0 available


Special edition 2: evolving colours.. and other strange things

pearlescent <img:stuff/balloon.z.gif> [DawnUnicorn]
red/blue <img:img/mood/61691_1125668421.gif> [Cloudwatcher]
red/green <img:img/mood/61691_1125668923.gif> [Akayume]
yellow/red/green/blue <img:img/mood/61691_1125669690.gif> [wonderinginlife]
black/blue/green/red <img:img/mood/61691_1125669872.gif> [Raikyu.]
fire <img:img/mood/61691_1125725032.gif> [NightTheOwl]
face balloon <img:img/mood/61691_1125725350.gif> [Deleter]
green fire balloon <img:img/mood/61691_1125725629.gif> [Piggly_wiggly]
orange, red heart <img:img/mood/61691_1126349807.gif> [Kidnero]
red line <img:img/mood/61691_1126350204.gif> [legendarylink]
rainbowed <img:img/mood/61691_1126350801.gif> [R*e*a*i*g*e]
Black, broken heart <img:img/mood/61691_1134769302.gif> [manda panda]
Calico cat <img:img/mood/61691_1134771181.gif> [Calico Tiger]
Heart <img:img/mood/61691_1134771858.gif> [Patri]

14 balloons
0 available


Special edition 3: more animals and stuffs

koala <img:stuff/koala.gif> [Stephen]
cow <img:stuff/coow.gif> [Elmiira]
white horse, heart <img:stuff/horse.gif> [Shiorysm]
brown horse, speech bubble heart <img:stuff/Horsee.gif> [Toffeejalapenos]

4 balloons
4 owners
0 available


Special edition 4: fruits and stuffs

red apple <img:img/mood/266_1126031688.gif> [banu]
banana <img:img/mood/266_1126033254.gif> [ewewew]
cherry pie <img:img/mood/266_1126059093.gif> [Arwen2019]

[Calico Tiger]
3 balloons
3 owners
0 available


Special edition 5: Additionals

Patrick <img:stuff/patrickballon.gif> [ewewew]
alien <img:stuff/alienaco.gif> [Galadhwen]
lol! <img:stuff/lolaco.gif> -
kitty cat <img:stuff/kittycataco.gif> [5thwitch]
clown <img:stuff/clownballoonaco.gif> -
darth maul <img:stuff/darthmaulaco.gif> -
darth vader <img:stuff/darthvaderaco.gif> [~*~Dread Pirate Bonnie~*~]

[a clockwork orange]
7 balloons
4 owners
3 available


Special edition 6: Additionals 2

purple pie <img:stuff/sliceopie2.gif> [Thunder Cid]
butterfly <img:img/mood/34407_1181224800.gif> [Lothuriel]
blue with black stripes <img:stuff/blue%3Ablk%20stripe.gif> - [legendarylink]
purple/pink star <img:stuff/purplestar.gif> - [Angel of Peace]
blue/purple star <img:stuff/purple%3Ablue.gif> - [eyes of frost]

[Flight of the Butterfly]
5 balloons
5 owners
0 available



Q: How are these balloons made?
A: [Sunrose] drew and coloured the first one in Photoshop. Then she coloured some balloons on request. [Ocean Soul],[Zab], [Calico Tiger], [evilhamster], [a clockwork orange] and [Flight of the Butterfly] also use Photoshop to create the special editions.

Q: Can other members use the balloons?
A: Yes, they are uploaded to the moods and are therefore free to use. Don't report members who use balloons when they are not on this wiki, they are not breaking any rule.
Unless they claim they created it of course ;)

Q: Can I create my own balloons?
A: Sure, but you can't use the balloon I drew without my permission. You can of course design your own balloon.

Q: How do I get the balloon in my mood?
A: Click on the word 'Mood:' to the right (above the menu). Then you can select a moodicon: search for your balloon and select it (click the circle on the right side of the image you want). Then scroll down and you can fill in some text to put next to your balloon and click 'use image' ;)

Q: What if my balloon is not there?
A: If your balloon is not there, then it is possible it was not uploaded yet. Have you approved your balloon? If not, then let us know you approved it and it will be uploaded.
If you approved it and it is still not there, remind us to upload it ;)

Q: Can I put the balloon in my house?
A: Yes, as long as you do not claim that you created it.
You can not use these balloons outside of Elftown.
(Exception: Some balloons have been uploaded to other communities owned by [Hedda])



omg ze balloons are copyrighted to me, [Ocean Soul],[Zab], [Calico Tiger], [evilhamster], [a clockwork orange] and [Flight of the Butterfly] OK! =P
And no, you can't edit the page you foo! sham youuu!
well cept if you are a wikibossette or gured or summin, but that doesn't count!!!
ovcourse all peoples count! (L)


Credits for the first balloon ever and then some go to >_>
Credits for advice on the first balloon ever go to [Anonymous].
Credits for requesting the first balloons go to [ally] and [Erestor].
Credits for creating the hype go to [Ittai] and [pixish].
Credits for the creation of this wiki go to [Janouk].
Credits for the wikibanner go to [ally] and [Ocean Soul].
Credits for making more balloons go to [Ocean Soul], [Zab], [evilhamster], [Calico Tiger], [a clockwork orange], [Flight of the Butterfly].
Credits for the dividers go to [ally].
Credits for the badges go to [Tyrana].

With love, Sunny

Note: [Cloudwatcher] may also supply balloons soon.


- Butterfly - [Flight of the Butterfly]
- Raccoon - [Asrun]
- Squirrel - [Acceber]
- Dragonfly on [Lerune]'s balloon
- White unicorn - [DawnUnicorn]
- a yellow-orange pineapple balloon with a green leafy stem thingy - [Tigers and Trees]
- White Unicorn with light blue wings - [lraina]
- A dragon ballon for [angel dragon] or a random colored balloon with white wings - [NightTheOwl]
- A blue or turquoise eye - [*Tinkabell*]

- Some secret ideas :p
- A balloon sausage dog, a glass balloon, a distilled spirits balloon, a beer bottle, beer mug, beer glass balloon, a crystalline balloon, a furry balloon, a southwest coyote balloon, a peppermint candy balloon, a cinnamon bun balloon - [Skydancer]
- Fox balloon - [Gingisune]


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- Christmas Moods by [Patri]

- Mood Plants by [The Maestro]

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2007-06-03 [Sunrose]: That's because it is the same pie, you only changed the colour >_<

2007-06-03 [Flight of the Butterfly]: <img:stuff/sliceopie2.gif>
that one ok?

2007-06-03 [Flight of the Butterfly]: <img:stuff/pinkyellowbutterfly.gif>

2007-06-04 [Sunrose]: Much better yes, I've added them to the wiki :)
The butterfly is too high for the moods though, it can only be 25 pixels high rather than 34..

2007-06-06 [Flight of the Butterfly]: alrighty, I try to remember, but you may have to remind me. My mind has completely gone since becoming pregnant :)

2007-06-06 [Sunrose]: You also need to upload them to the moods :)

2007-06-07 [Flight of the Butterfly]: poo! I suppose that would be useful, wouldn't it? :P

2007-06-07 [Sunrose]: Great thanks :)

2007-06-20 [eyes of frost]: WHEEE!!! Thank you!

2007-06-25 [Flight of the Butterfly]: I'll try to get a few more made, but I can't promise anything. Don't have much time to myself anymore, so it may take me a few weeks :)

2007-10-03 [Janouk]: 2009 edit - *Image removed. This was my head, shaped as a balloon*


2007-10-03 [Sunrose]: O_O

2007-10-03 [Tyrana]: :O That is so awesome!

2007-10-03 [Janouk]: <img:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif> The wiki's just so inspiring ^^

2009-11-02 [Lothuriel]: wow, I miss this wiki. It was uber cool.  *sighs*

2009-11-02 [Thunder Cid]: It did have it moment in the sun with me.

2010-01-12 [Sunrose]: *^__^*

2010-10-10 [*Phoenix*]: Can someone make me a Phoenix like balloon?

2010-10-10 [pixish]: I don't think anyone makes balloons here anymore :)
There are some phoenix's at Mood-Pets though :D

2010-10-10 [*Phoenix*]: Thanks. I'll check them out.

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