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This place is abandoned; there will not be any new mood-pets in the near or far future. This is due to computer, time and patience issues. Please do not place any new orders, as they will only be declined.


At first I´d like to say a few words about myself xD I am [Ocean Soul]. When I saw how much fun the balloon factory was, and how nice it is to have an image that was custom made, I had the idea for this. I made over 100 pets by now, and I will continue making them. I make animals that exist, fantasy creatures and strange things like bass beasts ;) I am the one you will be angry at if your pet isn´t there :P
If you aren´t sure about something, just have a look at the Mood-Pets FAQ, post your question as a comment in the comments section or ask me via message. Well yea, that´s that for now. :)


Things you can or should do..
- Request a pet. The best way to make SURE I get the request is, to message me, but you can do it in the comment section as well.
- Request to get one of the existing ("Wilde") pets.
- Verify that you want the pet you requested in the first place. As long as a pet isn´t verified, it stays in the "Hopefulls" section.
- Read everything carefully! :P Scan the pets lists, before requesting something that already exists!
- Join me :P Create - cough - I mean CATCH pretty fluffy pets too and be part of this wikiw ^^

Things you can not do (anymore)..
- Have more than one pet. You can only have one at a time. But you definitely can change your pet (even though that´s kinda sad.. poor pet *cries*).
- Edit this page. Because of the counters and various other reasons, this page was getting really MESSY as long as I allowed everyone to edit it. So now you have to contact me. Sorry, but I don´t see a better way.


And the pets by [Ocean Soul] are...



Anteater, orange <img:stuff/anteater%20orangecopy.gif> [The Maestro]


Baboon <img:stuff/gorilla1%20copy.gif> [Erestor]
Badger <img:stuff/badger%20copyly.gif> [Lothuriel]
Bat <img:stuff/fruity%20bat.gif> [Miroslav]
Bluebird <img:stuff/bluebird%20copy.gif> "Willow"[birdsong]
Butterfly <img:stuff/butterfly.gif> [Keii]


Camel <img:stuff/camel.gif> [font]
Cat, black <img:stuff/cat%20BLACK%20copy.gif> [LadyMoon]
Cat, grey curled up <img:stuff/cat%20GREY%20CURLED%20copy.gif> [shotokan_gal]
Cat, rainbow colored <img:stuff/cat%20RAINBOW%20copy.gif> [Ktcm]
Cat, white <img:stuff/cat%20white%20copy.gif> "Ceridwen" [Linderel]
Cat with wings <img:stuff/cat%20with%20wings%20copy.gif> [spiritee]
Chicken <img:stuff/chicken%20copy.gif> [Living on a lie]
Cobra, purple <img:stuff/cobra%20copy.gif> [Rice]
Cow <img:stuff/cow%20copy.gif> [crying asleep]


Deer <img:stuff/deer%20copy.gif> [Blaithin]
Dinosaur, Triceratops <img:stuff/dinosaur%20triceratops%20copy.gif> [Raikyu.]
Dog <img:stuff/dog%20copy.gif> [fob looks so good in blue]
Dolphin <img:stuff/dolfin.gif> [Naughty_Gurl81]
Dolphin, black <img:stuff/black%20dolphin%20copy.gif> [soccer bean]
Dragon <img:stuff/drache1.gif> "Silkea" [Skydancer]
Dragon, black <img:stuff/black%20dragon%20copy.gif> [Nightshade Truth]
Dragon, Dark-/Light-blue <img:stuff/dragon%20blue%20copy.gif> "Baby Blue"[Some Random Thursday]
Dragon, Fire- <img:stuff/firedragon%20copy.gif> "Naur" [Firelord]
Dragonfly <img:stuff/libelle.gif> [Lerune]
Duck, white <img:stuff/whiteducklington%20copy.gif> [Poindextra]
Duck, yellow <img:stuff/yellowducklington.gif> [someelf]


Eagle <img:stuff/eagle%20copy.gif> [Tears of the Dead Star]
Earthworm <img:stuff/earthworm%20copy.gif> [Sacha Nikolai]
Elephant <img:stuff/elephant%20copy.gif> [earthkynd]
Elk <img:stuff/elkyyy%20copy.gif> [Acceber]
Emu <img:stuff/emuic%20copy.gif> [Dragonsoul]


Falcon <img:stuff/falcon%20copy.gif> [Elthia]
Ferret <img:stuff/ferret%20copy.gif> [Phreakush]
Fish <img:stuff/fishiely%20copy.gif> [Inoni]
Flamingo <img:stuff/flamingo%20copy.gif> [Kileaiya]
Fox <img:stuff/foxiefox%20copy.gif> [Zab]
Fox, grey <img:stuff/grey%20fox%20copy.gif> [Syka]
Fox with wings, white <img:stuff/fox%20white%20w%20wings%20copy.gif> [Four Winged Fox]
Frog, green <img:stuff/froggoe%20copy.gif> [Acronymous]
Frog, purple and red <img:stuff/purplered%20frog%20copy.gif> "Mashinka" [Faery]


Giraffe <img:stuff/giraffe%20copy.gif> [Tyrana]
Gorilla <img:stuff/gorilla%20copy.gif> [*Hannah-Banana*]
Gryphon <img:stuff/gryphon%20copy.gif> [Paz]
Guinea Pig <img:stuff/guinea%20copy.gif> [Paul Doyle]


Hamster <img:stuff/hamsterli.gif> [evilhamster]
Hawk, red-tailed <img:stuff/red%20tailed%20hawk%20copy.gif> [Anime Addiction]
Hedgehog <img:stuff/hedgehog%20copy.gif> [evil beavle]
Hippo <img:stuff/hippo%20copy.gif> [pixish]
Horse 1 <img:stuff/horsy.gif> [Patri]
Horse 2 <img:stuff/horsy2.gif> [Forever Equine]
Horse, Bay- <img:stuff/horsy%20bay%20copy.gif> [Toffeejalapenos]
Horse with wings, black <img:stuff/horsy%20with%20wingsblack%20copy.gif> "Dark Spirit" [Shiorysm]
Horse with wings, purple <img:stuff/horsy%20with%20wings%20purple%20copy.gif> [banu]
Horse with wings, white <img:stuff/horsy%20with%20wings%20copy.gif> [EmeraldGrizzly]
Hummingbird <img:stuff/hummingbird%20copy.gif> [Hummingbird]


Icebear <img:stuff/eisbär%20copy.gif> [ArcticTofu]


Jaguar <img:stuff/jaguar%20copy.gif> "Hunter"[shadowfire09]
Jellyfish, blue <img:stuff/qualle1%20copy.gif> [LunarAngel0789]
Jellyfish, white <img:stuff/qualle2.gif> [karisha's demon slave]


Kangaroo <img:stuff/kangaroo.gif> [Matt Buckley]
Kangaroo with butterfly wings <img:stuff/kangaroo%20w%20butterfly%20wings%20copy.gif> [Moon Lightning]
Killerwhale <img:stuff/orca.gif> [Aikon I]
Kingfisher 1 <img:stuff/kingfisher1%20copy.gif> [Charybdis]
Kingfisher 2 <img:stuff/kingfisher2%20copy.gif> [Mr. Gentleman]
Koala <img:stuff/koala%20copy.gif> [simpina]


Ladybug <img:stuff/ladybug%20copy.gif> [SerenityBug]
Leopard <img:stuff/leopard.gif> [Akayume]
Leopard, Snow- <img:stuff/snowleo%20copy.gif> [Jewl]
Lion <img:stuff/lion%20copy.gif> [beautiful _ darkness]
Lynx <img:stuff/lynx%20copy.gif> [Juiced]
Lizard 1 <img:stuff/lizardo%20copy.gif> [FireWing]
Lizard 2 <img:stuff/salamander%20copy.gif> [pimpinpink]


Martin <img:stuff/martin%20copy.gif> [Czestawa]
Martin, purple <img:stuff/martin%20purple%20copy.gif> [Brucie]
Mountain Goat 1 <img:stuff/mountaingoat%20copy.gif> [lil_cutethang]
Mountain Goat 2 <img:stuff/mountaingoat2%20copy.gif> [Ittai]




Octopus, blue <img:stuff/octopus%20copy.gif> [RiddleRose]
Owl <img:stuff/owl%20copy.gif> [Leara]


Panda <img:stuff/panda%20copy.gif> [ღ♥´¯`*•.¸¸♥ღ LadyYu ღ♥¸¸.•*´¯`♥ღ]
Panda, blue <img:stuff/panda%20blue%20copy.gif> [Panda-monium]
Panda, black and pink <img:stuff/blackpink%20panda.gif> "Pandalicious" [manda panda]
Parrot <img:stuff/parrot%20copy.gif> [Deleted :)]
Penguin <img:stuff/pingu%20copy.gif> [Snowflame]
Penguin, blue <img:stuff/blue%20penguin%20copy.gif> "Gentoo" [riosaris]
Penguin, pink <img:stuff/pingupink.gif> [light.]
Phoenix <img:stuff/phoenix%20copy.gif> [dew_farie]
Phoenix, black and white <img:stuff/phoenixbw%20copy.gif> "Naisha" [Serenity's MoonLight]
Phoenix, pink and yellow <img:stuff/phoenixyellowpurple%20copy.gif> "Ember"[Elisha Kelly]
Pigeon <img:stuff/pidgeon%20copy.gif> [Asryth]
Platypus <img:stuff/platypus%20copy.gif> [Shainn]
Praying Mantis <img:stuff/praying%20mantis%20copy.gif> [herrschneemann]
Purple Martin <img:stuff/purple%20martin%20copy.gif> gift for [birdsong] by [Skydancer]


Quetzal <img:stuff/quetzal%20copy.gif> [Every Rose Has Her Thorn]


Rabbit <img:stuff/bunnyrabbit%20copy.gif> [Delladreing]
Rabbit, tiger colored <img:stuff/bunnyrabbit%20TIGER%20copy.gif> [Chimes]
Raccoon <img:stuff/raccoon%20copy.gif> [Asrun]
Rat <img:stuff/ratte%20copy.gif> [Furr]
Rat, grey <img:stuff/rat%20copy.gif> [Mayuya]
Raven <img:stuff/raven%20copy.gif> [Deadlock jester]
Ringtailed Lemur <img:stuff/ringtailedlemur%20copy.gif> [irulan]


Salamander 1 <img:stuff/lizzilino.gif> [FiSHr.]
Salamander 2 <img:stuff/lizzilino2.gif> [Sunrose]
Sea Horse <img:stuff/seepferdchen%20copy.gif> [TRiCKY DiSCO]
Scorpion, black <img:stuff/black%20scorpion%20copy.gif> [GoneGone]
Shark <img:stuff/shark.gif> [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]
Sheep <img:stuff/sheep%20copy.gif> gift for [m3_di] by [-Nabz-]
Sheep, black <img:stuff/sheep2%20copy.gif> gift for [windowbox] by [crikey o'reilly]
Snake <img:stuff/schlaaange.gif> [Lordterrex]
Snail <img:stuff/snail%20copy.gif> [My Chemical Erin]
Squirrel <img:stuff/squirrel%20copy.gif> "George" [tyger]
Starfish <img:stuff/starfish%20copy.gif> "Squinkie" [kittykittykitty]


Tiger <img:stuff/tigerlo%20copy.gif> [SapphireArcher]
Tiger, Saber-tooth- <img:stuff/sabertoothtiger%20copy.gif> [Tigers and Trees]
Tiger, white <img:stuff/whitetigerl%20copy.gif> [Arwen2019]
Tiger with wings <img:stuff/tiger%20chibi%20copy.gif> [Calico Tiger]
Toucan <img:stuff/toucan%20copy.gif> "Champ" [Always Hope]
Turtle <img:stuff/tutrle%20copy.gif> [Ayden Cross]


Unicorn, black with bat-wings <img:stuff/horsy%20unicornblackwings%20copy.gif> [David the Good]
Unicorn, blue-black <img:stuff/horsy%20unicorn%20blueblackcopy.gif> [~*This Lonely Dreamer Needs You*~]
Unicorn, white <img:stuff/horsy%20unicorn%20copy.gif> [DawnUnicorn]
Unicorn with wings, white <img:stuff/unicorn%20with%20wings%20copy.gif> [lraina]




Weasel <img:stuff/weasel%20copy.gif> [Call Me Irresponsible]
Weasel, black and red <img:stuff/weaselblackred%20copy.gif> gift for [Suzu] by [Chimes]
Weasel, black and pink <img:stuff/pinkblack%20weasel.gif> [??huh??]
Whale <img:stuff/pottwal%20copy.gif> gift for [shadeprincess] by [the 5th apocalyptic horseman]
Wolf <img:stuff/wolfie%20copy2.gif> [Moonknight]




Yak <img:stuff/yak%20copy.gif> "Koan" [bluefarie]


Zebra <img:stuff/zebrag%20copy.gif> [Cloudwatcher]
Zebrafinch <img:stuff/zebrafinch%20copy.gif> "Cueball" [Steel Mal'ak]
Zorro, black and red <img:stuff/foxiefoxzorro%20copy.gif> [Nicronimo]


Bass Beast <img:stuff/bass%20beast%20copy.gif> [DelightfulDes]
Nightmare <img:stuff/nightmare1%20copy.gif> [Piggly_wiggly]
Sphinx <img:stuff/sphinx%20copy.gif> "Alma" [Ocean Soul]
Fairy <img:stuff/feeic%20copy.gif> [High Princess of the Seraphim]
Faun <img:stuff/faun%20copy.gif> "Mr Tumnus" [DarkJenni]


Anteater <img:stuff/anteater%20copy.gif> -



Owners: 137
Available pets: 1 (out of 138)


[FireWing]'s specials

Monster 1:<img:>
Ant Farm:<img:>
Fly <img:> [FireWing]
Octopus, purple <img:> [shadeprincess]

Owners: 2
Available pets: 4 (out of 6)


[The Maestro]'s specials

<img:img/drawing/4612_1132624554.gif> Gerbil, agouti pickup for: [~*This Lonely Dreamer Needs You*~]
<img:img/drawing/4612_1132713554.gif> Flubber!!! Owner: [lady nytmare]
<img:img/drawing/4612_1132715259.gif> Ostrich Owner: [ewewew]
<img:img/drawing/4612_1132809059.gif> Chimera Owner:[Meaks] Geo
<img:img/drawing/4612_1132902872.gif> Senor Mexican Jumping Bean ^^ Owner: [Joakim]
<img:img/mood/4612_1132963282.gif> Quirky Owner: [Valeandrea]
<img:img/drawing/4612_1133073064.gif> ET ET
<img:img/drawing/4612_1133239602.gif> Toucan Owner: [Angel of Peace]
<img:img/drawing/4612_1133298181.gif> Quirky the 2nd pickup for: [Dragonhearted elfgirl]
<img:img/drawing/4612_1136843404.gif> Quoll Owner: [elphaba]
<img:img/mood/4612_1139811251.gif> Corn snake Owner:

Owners: 6
Available pets: some number (out of 11)


[Elisha Kelly]'s specials

R2D2 <img:img/mood/131728_1139742802.gif> - [nokaredes]
Smurf <img:img/mood/131728_1139744854.gif> - [tasisity]
Papa Smurf <img:img/mood/131728_1139748016.gif> - [Truth . Beauty . Love]
Smurfette <img:img/mood/131728_1139747872.gif> -

Owners: 1
Available pets: 1 (out of 4)


So, the situation's like this: My computer crashed and I lost all my old 'animal' psd files. Along with my 'passion' to make them. Right now I don't have the patience or time to catch up with all the requests (and I bet half of the people already got tired of waiting anyway). So, this doesn't mean I will never make them again, just for the time being: no. In the future, who knows!


No promises, but I will definitely try! ;)
- [eranel]: Feathered Serpent
- [Mutated_Bunny]: Black and red Spider
- [Duke Devlin]: Cat with dark bat-wings
- [Raventhorn]: Black Widow Spider
- [Night Rider]: Blue and red Phoenix
- [Stephen]: Tonberry
- [Sunrose]: Lemming: The blocking ones <img:> + <img:> and the one with the umbrella <img:> are cool :D
- [Everything You Want To Be]: Rainbow colored Lion with wings
- [Mella moo.]: Pink Duck
- [kwiggy]: Albino Squirrel
- [To Dream of Faerie]: Rainbow Unicorn with bat wings
- [Erubeus]: Ice blue Tiger


- [Aikon I]: Dinos
- [Skydancer]: purple people eater, Rattlesnake (they are usually depicted in a coiled position), Walrus, Narwhale, Tarantula or various spider sorts, Scorpion, Quail, Quagga {a recently-extinct relative of the zebra}, Quokka {a type of wallaby}
- [Elisha Kelly]: Skunk
- [tyger]: Llama, Bear, Chimpanzee, Pelican, Meercat, Red Panda, Reindeer, Sloth, Seal, Vulture


All pets made by [Ocean Soul], except for the special pets, which are made by [FireWing], [The Maestro] and [Elisha Kelly].
Divider, banner etc. made by [Ocean Soul].


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and paste it in your house!


The Mood-Pets FAQ can now be found on its own wiki :)


We´re in the wiki awards! for October! Yay *proud*!!

Wiki name:Mood-Pets
Comments from the bosses:In Elftown we have houses, we have races... why don't we have pets? Well, that is solved! In this pet store, you can adopt a "mood pet", a sweet creature that will live in your mood from now on. This creature will be yours only, and it will be with you every day in the town. Go get yours! But don't forget to feed them and pet them often ;)


- Mood Image Tutorial .. how YOU can create pretty mood pets! :)
- The Balloon Factory .. get your own balloon!
- The Fairy Exchange .. get your own fairy!
- Mood Plants .. get your own plant!
- Mood-Pets FAQ .. the FAQ!

Username (or number or email):


2006-08-04 [Ocean Soul]: You could ask before you start advertising.

2006-08-04 [shotokan_gal]: Posting everywhere? Spamming then :P

2006-08-10 [moonscale]: May I have one of the animals that aren't already taken? Because I really like the corn snake.

2006-08-12 [The Maestro]: Go ahead, no one else seems interested in it. By all means adopt away^^

2006-09-02 [jsun]: :) yippie got my own pet now thanks to [Ocean Soul]'s tutorial on how to make em

2006-09-02 [Ocean Soul]: :D Yay!

2006-09-03 [The Maestro]: Yeah, that tutorial's a handy little piece of work. I refer people from the mood plants wiki to that page.

2006-10-30 [GoneGone]: Thank you Ocean Soul!

2006-10-30 [Ocean Soul]: welcome :)

2006-11-15 [NightTheOwl]: The phoenix used to belong to me, I was the one who brought the phoenix into mood-pets and then all of a sudden it's not mine anymore! I can prove it if you search in the older versions!

2006-11-15 [Ocean Soul]: Nothing happened "all of a sudden". Nothing has happened on this page for ages. I'm not making mood pets anymore right now, and I don't feel like researching through a million wiki page versions really, I'm sorry. Since all images are free to use for everyone, just use the pet you like in your mood.

2006-11-16 [The Maestro]: That'd definately work best.

2006-12-20 [de Morte]: Hey! Cute pets! I was wondering if I could get a baby sloth...

2007-05-20 [IceWolfe]: Awsome stuff! I was wondering if smilies were the only things to use, thank goodness they're not!

2007-05-22 [shadowfire09]: hat's sad...the only animal not adopted is the wilde anteater...if we could have two...i'd take

2007-05-30 [Galadhwen]: Can I please request a dragon,blue or rainbow in color please.

2007-05-30 [Ocean Soul]: I stopped making new pets half a year ago, because I lost the original files and thus would have to make everything new from scratch. Just don't have the time nor the patience anymore, I'm sorry.

2007-05-30 [Linderel]: Maybe you should put that explanation in some more visible place...

2007-05-31 [The Maestro]: I am sorry to hear this wiki is shutting down, but these things happen. Good luck, and don't forget your towels, folks.

2007-05-31 [Ocean Soul]: Well, what else did you think was happening? It's been dead for half a year now, nobody did anything. So, shutting it down officially can't be coming as a surprise.

2007-06-05 [The Maestro]: Not really, no. But I had fun with it while it lasted.

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