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Tutorials and Lessons is a central place where you can find all kinds of tutorials, information pages and lessons about various things. Many concentrate on art.

If you'd like to make a tutorial or lesson and have it posted here, please check out Tutorials and Lessons Submissions.

Comments, corrections, suggestions and questions can be placed in the comment section below.




Tutorial on How to Write Tutorials

Art, Digital

A Method of Coloring
Adjusting Brightness
Akhi's Colouring
Asinine Cat Tutorial
Atayemi's Photoshop Text – glow effect
Atayemi's Photoshop Text2 – different glow effect
Cassave's Photoshop Pages #1 – colouring and shading
Cassave's Photoshop Pages #2 – colouring and shading
Cassave's Photoshop Pages #3 – from sketch to digital painting
Cell Shading
Cel Shading in Photoshop
Chain Tutorial
Coloring Lineart 1
Coloring Lineart 2
Create An Old Picture
CT: Portrait Manipulation – filters and effects
Danas Eye Tutorial
Danas Hair Tutorial Part1
Danas Hair Tutorial Part2
Danas Ink/Colour Tutorial
Danas Lip Tutorial
Danas Scan/Prepare Sketches Tutorial
Dana's PS CS Layer Tutorial
Dar's New Color Tut
Digital Sketching
Drawing Scales
Easy Fire
Easy Lightning
Easy Rain
Easy Watermarking
Eliminate White Tutorial
Elysiann's Inking with Gimp - Style 1
Elysiann's Inking with Gimp - Style 2
Emoticon Tutorial
Environment Creation Tutorial
Eye Tutorial
Feathered Wings
Fur in Photoshop
Gimp Coloring and Shading, also how to put lineart on another layer
Hair Tutorial
How to Color Lines
How to Colour in Photoshop – and shade
How to Create a Starry Night
How to Draw a Mouth
How to Ink in Photoshop
How to Maintan Colours in B&W Images - Gimp – how to make parts of a colour photo greyscale
How to Make a Crystal Ball in PS
Inkting and Scanning
Iris Removal in Photoshop
Jewel Tutorial
Lightsaber Tutorial – pixel art
Make an Image in Sepia Tone
Making Rain
Mirror Text in Photoshop!
Mood Image Tutorial
Neat Tricks in MS Paint – lineart cleaning and colouring
One of a thousand ways to draw a horse
Outline Cleaner
Painting a Dragon
Pentool Lineart
Perspective Text
Photoshop Layers for Newbies
Photoshop Lightning Magic
Putting Images Together
Rainstains Tutorial
Rynn's how-to-color in Photoshop
Rynn's how-to-draw Hair
Short fur in Photoshop
Simple Eye Tutorial
Simple Lips Tutorial
Simple Vector Tutorial
The Grid Method
The Non Repro Blue Trick – how to erase coloured lines
To Get Started - Gimp
Traditional sketch to CG painting
Tree Tutorial
Triola's Lineart Tutorial – lineart tricks with Photoshop
Watermarking your Work
Why Textures?
Wing Tutorial
Zabs Eye Tutorial
Zardra's Portrait Painting Tutorial

Art, Traditional

Acrylic on Leather or Canvas
Danas Anatomy/Face Tutorial
How to Draw a Portrait
Facial Structures
From Doodle to Drawing
Nathies Pencil Shading Tutorial
Rynn's how-to-draw Faces
To Draw a Fantasy Creature
Working With Prisma Colors

Digital Tools

Animated .gif tutorial for Adobe ImageReady
Brushes-to make one in PS
But, Why all the layers?
Create a Brush on Photoshop
Generating Transparent GIFS – Photoshop
How do I Make Transparent Images? – Paint Shop Pro and Gimp
Photographing Art
Transparent Gifs - with Gimp


Cassave's Photoshop Pages #3 – how to combine elements of many pictures into one
Hypnotising Eyes – photomanipulation

Sculpting, Crafts and Similar

Hairpin Tutorial
Herringbone Wire Weave Tutorial
How to make a beaded crocodile
How to Make a Duct Tape Deck Box
How to Make a Duct Tape Rose
Irulan's Paper Making Tutorial
One Part Silicone Molds
Origami birdbase, crane and dinosaur tutorial
Personalized Tea Boxes <img:stuff/aj/57/ystar.png>
Some Sculpting Basics


How to Write a Script


Composition and Negative Space
Cover Your Assets – selling your artwork
Dipping Into Digital – lots of information about drawing digitally
Marketing Art Online


Advanced HTML - Character Entities
Basic HTML – Border Backgrounds
Gimp - to install
How to Quick-Edit Wikis in Notepad
Learning HTML
SEO HOWTO - How to make search engines love your page.


Chess Class
Dungeons and Dragons SE Class
Contest HOW-TO
Egyptian War Tutorial – card game rules
The Basics of French
Psychology <img:stuff/aj/57/ystar.png>

The newest tutorials are marked with a star. (<img:stuff/aj/57/ystar.png>)


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2011-06-22 [SilverFire]: Hypnotising Eyes – photomanipulation is listed under 'art, digital'. Should it be there, or in the Photomanipulation section?

2011-06-22 [Veltzeh]: Oh yeah. There might still be more category mishaps, so if anyone notices them, just report. :)

Also yay banner!

2011-06-24 [Lord Josmar]: I wish there was something I could create a tutorial about...hmm.

2011-06-24 [Thunder Cid]: Take a look at some and see if you can generate any ideas :)

2011-06-24 [Lord Josmar]: Nothing good really. Card games maybe. Possibly a recipe or something.

2011-06-24 [Veltzeh]: Well, you can also do an info page. So you can just write about something you know.

2011-06-24 [Lord Josmar]: I will have to do some thinking. There are not a lot of things that I know a ton about except D&D and video games, lol.

2012-04-28 [Ghost the Hybrid]: does anyone know where to find the lessons in swedish that hedda made a while back? i know i've seen it but i can't remember where>_<

2012-05-23 [Ghost the Hybrid]: yes that's the one, thank you:D i'm trying to teach my boyfriend english, and thought that that page might help a bit

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